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Seeing ourselves as

Movie trailers


We are "movie trailers" for the coming world of peace

The vision icon is a sunrise, reminding us of the glory of God that is already dawning in us. We will see it completely when Jesus returns.

Why do we get to be trailers for a movie

about the coming world of peace?


God wants people’s lives to be full of hope about how the world will turn out in the end. He knows they have plenty of reasons to be afraid it will be awful. That’s why he puts out some signs of things to come, so people can have a good reason to trust him about the future. As we trust Jesus today, he puts some of the good things of the future world of peace into us. We are from the future! And we can tell people what we know is coming when Jesus takes charge.

Jesus’s plan is for us to work like movie trailers, showing people enough of what is coming that they want to get in on it. When Jesus returns to earth, he will rule everywhere and there will be peace and life everywhere. Right now he rules inside us. That means he is already doing in us what he will do everywhere later. So when people see us, they see the future.

We don’t show it perfectly or show it all. Movie trailers never show you the whole movie, but they show you enough that you know what kind of a movie it will be. And this “movie” is going to be great!


What will we do today as movie trailers?

  • The main thing we have to do is look more like Jesus. We have to get more of his peace and joy inside us so others can see it. How can we do that? 

  • What is there in us that is not peaceful and joyful? How can we get rid of that so it does not block people’s view of how good life is when Jesus rules?


Scripture that empowers us to do this

  • Key verse for us as “movie trailers”: Revelation 11.15, Christ takes power on earth.

  • The story of the seventh trumpet heralding the beginning of Christ’s reign on earth:  Revelation 11.15-19.

  • How we see Christ: the Messiah, the perfect King of the whole world:  Daniel 7.14.

  • Jubilee Cards 43-50 (see under "Activities")


The story of the world, told in a way that shows why we see ourselves as trailers for a movie about the coming world of peace

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