Our goal during Vision Season, November 24 - December 31, 2019


     Get so thrilled about the prospect of Christ's return to earth
     that we light up like people who see dawn coming

To SYNC with the vision of Christ's return means that we dance to that "Vision Rhythm," living today with confidence and joy. That comes naturally as we see ourselves changing inside, because our change in a small way signals the massive change of the future, and that is thrilling.


We are like kids hearing the music of the ice cream truck. They might not see it yet, but they know it is close by somewhere, and they move! They hurry out onto the street to flag it down as it approaches, yelling to their friends to come too.

The kids didn't request the ice cream truck. They just took advantage of the fact that it came into their neighborhood. And that's how it is with the return of Christ. It was not an idea we dreamed up. It's a promise of God that we are taking advantage of. We know this is more than a hope because we can hear the music. Now that you have heard the music of Vision Season and caught onto its rhythm, start celebrating, and spread the word! 

Moving with the Vision Rhythm - letting it move you; living it out

Living as trailers for a movie about the coming world of peace


As we realize that Christ's return is the completion of the process that started with the birth of a baby in Bethlehem, we start seeing ourselves differently. Christmas is just the beginning, and if we liked the beginning, we are going to LOVE the end! In the meantime, we will pray prayers like this:














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Of course, God did not put us out there as trailers for his movie about the future because we were any better than anyone else to start with or because we worked hard and earned this privilege somehow. We were no more like God's ideal future than anybody was. Maybe we weren't like it at all! But now that Jesus has injected his Spirit into us, we are changing. We are looking more like the future all the time, thanks to him.  


Seeing this, we should be twice as happy about Christmas as everybody else. Our faces ought to be shining, our hearts bursting, and our hands full of things to give to anybody in sight. We have seen a glimpse of the future. In fact, we have become glimpses of the future for other people. Fabulous!

Vision Season (November 24 - December 31) is the time to re-SYNC with the Vision Rhythm and get totally carried away with it. Let's look back at the Christmas baby. Let's look ahead to the Coming King! And let's act like the meaning of that has dawned on us--so happy every time we see a little of his future popping up inside us, so confident about life and destiny, and so grateful for that baby who started it all and, as Coming King, will finish it all.

King Jesus, Lord of the Future, Master of our destiny, thank you so much for promising to come back and finish all the good you started. Thank you for this vision of a world with no evil, abuse, or death. Thank you that we don't have to kill anybody to make this vision come true, but, like trailers for a movie, we do get to show people a little of what is coming. Finish what you have already started inside us. Fulfill your vision, Lord! Let your reign begin!

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