Our goal during Roots Season  
March 2 - April 9, 2022

Participating in the fulfillment of God's ancient promise to bless the world through the spiritual descendants of Abraham.

The big idea of Roots Season is not just to "catch the Roots Rhythm" but to move with it. God's rhythms are not wallpaper music to make our lives a little nicer even if we barely notice them. They are music with a beat that is supposed to get into us, music we can't help clapping with and dancing to.

What does "moving with the Roots Rhythm" mean in everyday life?


It means that we gratefully and joyfully play our roles as members of God's "demo and delivery team" descended from Abraham. We participate in his campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world in ways like this: 

  • Celebrate God's gift of security and significance that comes with our team membership, and quit looking for those two things anywhere else. These two basic human cravings--security and significance--are satisfied when we get rooted in God's amazing promise to Abraham. We are secure because this is all God's idea, and we are significant because we have been given a good part to play in a plan driven by God's desire to bless the world. If you want to make a difference in the world, God's Abraham Strategy is the very last thing you should miss out on.

  • Resemble Abraham like a descendant should. Children look like their parents. Members of a tribe should all be true to the character of the patriarch of the tribe. If we are rooted in Abraham, then we should trust God like Abraham did. When human analysis tells us that God's way cannot work in our particular situation, we still go with God's way and trust him to make it work out. 

  • Renounce all racism and all class arrogance. We have far more reason to do that than people who do not believe Abraham has any significance for today at all. The very first blessing we should deliver to "all families of the earth" (Genesis 12.3) is the blessing of respect. Even if our birth nation or tribe tells us we must despise or hate another nation or tribe, we stick with our Abrahamic mission to bless and respect all tribes. Even if our social class tells us to look down on another class, we stick with our Abrahamic mission to bless and respect all families, including those poorer or richer than we are.