The core idea of SYNC is that just as you are wired in a certain way,  the universe is also wired in a certain way.


When those two wirings are out of SYNC, you decide whether to try to SYNC with the universe or stick with your own wiring and get the universe to come to terms with you.  

SYNC (See Yourself iN Christ) is built on the premise that the wiring of the universe is centered in Jesus Christ. SYNC with him and we SYNC with it.


But of course, this only works if we trust him to do some rewiring of us. If we want to stay wired exactly as we are today, we choose not to SYNC. His wiring will not change to suit us. We take it or leave it. 

Any of the three overviews below will help you see what you will be getting into if you let Jesus start rewiring. 


Inner peace


How do I make SYNC work?  

This is the story of the world, a panorama from creation to the return of Jesus Christ, sketched in only 800 words.


The aim of SYNC is to help you take your rightful place in that story. 

The SYNC seasons are not mentioned by name in the story. You can connect those dots later. For now, it will be obvious where the current season (Power Season) fits into the story.

When what we want for ourselves is the same thing Jesus Christ wants for us, we have inner peace. Otherwise there is tension and turbulence inside because we were designed to SYNC with Jesus like a gasoline engine was designed to run on gasoline. When we SYNC with Christ, we are doing what we were designed for.


It all comes down to trust. Do we trust what Jesus wants for us more than we trust what we want for ourselves? Do we trust his judgment more than our own judgment?


It is extremely risky to trust anyone or anything in that way. SYNC claims that Jesus is worthy of that trust. We can never trust him too much for our own good because he always has our good in mind. Our "good" may not be the same thing as our comfort or our preference, but we let Jesus make that call.

The goal of Power Season is to become empowered. No more, "I wish but I can't." No more helpless frustration.

We get empowered as we get SYNCed with the power of the living Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit he has sent. Once we are SYNCed in that way, we are able to make a difference in the world.


Through the Spirit given to us, we can become the empowered people Christ intends us to be, and we can make the contribution to his cause that he has prepared for us to make. 


If I SYNC with Christ, do I lose my freedom and uniqueness?

No, in fact, the only way to totally find and express our uniqueness is by SYNCing.

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