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See Yourself iN Christ  

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SYNC is one tiny component of God's ancient and ongoing campaign to save the world from itself. If you SYNC (See Yourself iN Christ), you see yourself as part of that campaign to connect, heal, and bless others. You see yourself receiving and spreading the seven blessings in the icons above.

Much of the world is still cluelessly asking, "What God? What campaign?" Many people genuinely want a better world, but they don't recognize that God already has a campaign and a clear, Jesus-centered strategy under way to make the world better. 


SYNC is for people who want to get clued in about God's campaign and participate in the campaign team led by Jesus himself. SYNC will clue you in to one way of looking at the campaign and several ways to develop your participation skills.

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Why SYNC is free to you

SYNC materials about the campaign are all free to you as a service of other members of God's campaign team. You don't pay, register, subscribe, or donate to anything to get access to any SYNC materials. We do not put you onto any mailing list. We do not sell or give away any information about you.

Be clear: the "campaign" we are talking about does not belong to SYNC. It belongs to God. You are not joining SYNC. You are exploring SYNC because you believe it may help you connect more closely with Jesus and participate better as a member of his campaign team.

A life of discovery

SYNC does not know exactly how God will plug you into his campaign. You discover that from God as you go along. You will get better at listening for his assignments, and we hope some SYNC materials will contribute to that, but even at the beginning God will find a way to get his messages through to you.

Your first discovery may be that you are already on his campaign team without ever having thought of it as a campaign team. Or if you are not on it, you can discover what it would mean to join it.


We can, however, tell you four things you have to believe are true if you want to get any benefit from SYNC as you discover your place in God's team:

  • God is running a public awareness campaign to save the world from itself. The story of the world and the story of the campaign are interwoven.

  • God the Father is the campaign mastermind and owner. It is not a human invention or organization.

  • Jesus Christ is the spearhead, the campaign director appointed by God his Father. 

  • The Holy Spirit connects us to Jesus and gives us our campaign assignments, sometimes through the Bible and sometimes in other ways.

A fresh take on your identity

SYNC is your chance to get a fresh take on what it means to See Yourself iN Christ. That involves everything about you--who you are, what you are part of, what you are worth, and what your purpose is. The seven themes represented in the SYNC icons will help you leave the old you behind and discover the new you. To be in SYNC with the campaign is to "keep in step with the Spirit" (Galatians 5.25). 

No matter what your current status is with Jesus's campaign, SYNC is here to help you explore greater involvement. If SYNC works for you and that happens, great! If it doesn't, move on to whatever else God has in mind for you. Be blessed!

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