SYNC's  seven game-changers  give you at least seven good party opportunities every year. Endless possibilities.
Core ingredients for a SYNC party
  1. Read or tell the story of the biblical event you are celebrating, such as the birth of Jesus
  2. Briefly say why this event makes you want to party (how it has affected your life, why you wish the whole world would celebrate it)
  3. Pronounce a blessing on the group, focused on the party theme
Optional ingredients

  1. A name for the party

  2. A simple phrase about what is being celebrated

  3. Music, food, video clips, skit, as desired

  4. Key verse or verses to display/use

  5. A toast for the occasion

  6. What to bring (food, things, stories, etc.)

  7. Info about appropriate dress

  8. Participants mention blessings of the last year relating to the theme

  9. Guests of honor (category such as kids, elderly, those who will get a badge as models of the seasonal theme, etc.)

Choosing a date for your party (any of these)
  1. The holiday associated with the theme of your party (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc.)

  2. Any time during the SYNC season relating to the theme of your party

  3. A traditional or national holiday with a different meaning (Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, Diwali, national independence day, etc.)

Sample planning sheet for a "Life is Good" party (Life Season) to be held on Mardi Gras/Carnaval


The sample sheet is done

with Illinois winters in mind

--quite dreary in February.

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