The SYNC Annual Cycle

What we SYNC with

The seasonal declarations and prayers in the seven seasonal memes are like seven different rhythms or beats we learn to dance to. The beat changes on average every 6-8 weeks, depending when holidays like Easter fall in various years. 


The first six rhythms each SYNC us with one particular game-changing thing God has already done. The seventh one SYNCs us with the final game-changer, which is still to come. If we use all seven, we will be substantially SYNCed with Christ, even though no set of seven seasonal topics can take us to perfection in SYNCing.









The God-things we SYNC with

Creation, the source of every breath we take

The spiritual lineage of Abraham, the source of our group identity and purpose 

Jesus' death on “Freedom Day” and his resurrection, the source of our freedom

Jesus taking his throne in heaven and sending his Spirit to empower us

God having mercy on us and sending us to have mercy on others

Jesus rising above the disgrace of the cross, and sending us to do the same

King Jesus returning in glory, which we foreshadow and point to


Gen. 1

Gen. 12

Mt. 27-28

Acts 1-2

Heb. 10

Heb. 12

Rev. 11

How the cycle answers life's basic questions

As you SYNC (See Yourself iN Christ), you discover a new answer to life's most basic questions, "Who am I?" or "Who are we as human beings?" The new answer to that question affects many other basic questions about life:

1. Where did we come from? 

2. What do we belong to that is bigger than we are? How did we get in?

3. What guarantees that we can live our lives as free people?

4. How do we get what it takes to make a difference in the world?

5. What kind of terms are we on with God, and how did that happen?

6. What is worth dying for?

7. What is our destiny?


Life is a story, and we are part of that story. Jesus Christ is the center of the story, holding it all together, making it work. Under his direction we participate in it, trusting him to bring it to the grand conclusion he has planned. 

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