Keep the rhythm going

 Sticking with the SYNC rhythm once you have got it

Each SYNC season comes with one "jingle" (minus the music, unless you write your own). The "jingle" is a meme that tells you who you are in Christ and gives you your mission. Deliberately put the SYNC "jingle" onto your device and into your head, and watch it ward off the other jingles that advertisers try to drive into your brain all the time.  

If you have one or two friends who are getting into SYNC along with you, you can help each other remember to listen for the SYNC rhythm. Invite a friend to check out the SYNC site and discuss how you might start helping each other SYNC.

There are two words that summarize the entire SYNC process. Make these two words your mantra, and the SYNC rhythm will never get drowned out by the noise of the world. 

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