Being proactive 

The meme is a memory trigger. Put it somewhere you will see it often--on your device, next to your bed, on a wall or mirror, etc. If you enjoy graphic arts, redesign it to suit yourself.

Set a reminder on your device once or more per day to say the Declaration and Prayer from memory.

Entrances. Get into the habit of saying the Declaration and Prayer every day as you enter a situation, for example, as you walk toward the door of your workplace or school.

E-mail signature. Use the Power Declaration in your e-mail signature. It will trigger your memory and may help you get your e-mails in SYNC with the mind of Christ. That is a plus whether anybody else reads it or not. If they do ask about it, send them to

Colored objects can be a trigger. White represents the dove and is the main color for Power Season. Fiery orange can be used as an accent color. You can wear something white every day. Hang a white cord from a doorway, steering wheel, or lamp. Put a white stone in your pocket. Put a blank white piece of paper in a prominent place, maybe taped to the door by which you leave the house. 

If you are creative, design your own SYNC exercises to meet your own criteria -- meaningful, doable, personal, artsy, quick, easy, cheap, memorable, sharable, teachable, etc. Here are a few starters, but don't be limited to these.


The problem person.  Think of a way to associate the Power Declaration with your problem person whenever you see or think of him/her. This person may be telling you that you have no power, you cannot do things, you cannot measure up, etc. They may be treating you as if they hold all the power. Remember that the Power Declaration overpowers whatever the problem person is telling you. It is God's truth versus that person's truth. God's truth wins.

The problem habit. A problem habit or desire just pops up all the time. Use those pop-up feelings or thoughts, or even the wrong actions if you have already done them, as reminders to say the Declaration and the Prayer. The habit is a problem because you are out of SYNC with Christ at that point. You feel powerless. Focus on Christ, not the problem. Get back in SYNC with him, and watch his power defeat the problem.  

The problem attitude. A bad attitude is never in SYNC with Christ, but it is very hard to change a bad attitude by concentrating on it. Concentrate on Christ instead, and see what happens to your attitude. The Declaration and Prayer are designed to help you concentrate on Christ. His Spirit can change the parts of us that are too deep inside for us to change by conscious effort. It is like he is turning us into different people, which is exactly what is happening.

Self-designed methods

The Power Declaration in the meme is meant to be memorized. "This is a Pentecost Day, and we have power." 

The Power Prayer is meant to be memorized. "Make us a signal of the Spirit's power. Let it work. Let it work. Let it work."

Bible verses. If you use the Weekly or Daily Bible readings, the Spirit will highlight a few verses for you. Memorize them. These are your "power tablets." Take as needed.

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