Seven versions of the story of God's campaign
2-minute read each

We are living in the middle of a story much bigger than we are, and here are seven versions of that story. It is the story of the world and of God's ancient and modern campaign to save the world from itself.


No one version of this story scan capture everything, so choose any one you want to start with, whichever icon, theme or title grabs you.

The seven versions all contain the same seven milestone events in the story as the Bible describes it, but in each version a different milestone is emphasized as the central one. Yes, this overlap of the versions gets confusing if you read several of them at once, but if you space them out over a few days or weeks, they should all help you get a more complete picture.


Just don't assume you know the whole story after you read one version. And please don't be too hard on us if we seem to have skipped some things. In each version we are distilling the 1500 or 2000 pages of the Bible to about two pages.


Enjoy! And marvel at how many layers this story has. These seven are only a few.

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