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Happy New SYNC Year, Beta Testers

January 1, 2018


2018 is a beta test year for the SYNC web site and the whole SYNC concept. Thank you in advance for sharing any and all of your discoveries and contributions about SYNC during this year so we can build them into the version that will launch on 1/1/19, including an app version for some of the exercises. 


FYI, "Beta tester" is not an official status, just a designation for anyone who decides to help the SYNC cause by giving some feedback while we are working on it. 


"Beta" might imply that the SYNC site is closer to completion than it really is. Please lower your expectations. I probably should have called it an early-Beta test. Actually it is seven consecutive beta tests, one for each of the seasons in the SYNC annual cycle. You don’t need to sign up for a whole year. See how it goes, and keep testing through the cycle if you like.


Three options for your input as a beta tester:


1. Reply to my blog posts one at a time. I will regularly be proposing a specific question or topic for beta tester input. Each new question will be a separate post so all comments on that question can be kept together for all testers to see.


2. Post your general comments, reports, and questions at any time by replying to the "General Beta Comments" post I will make today on this blog. Just keep adding replies to the list throughout the year as new things come up in your experience or your thoughts relating to current or possible use of one or more of the SYNC exercises.  (See suggestions for types of feedback on the "Welcome, Beta Testers" page, as well as highlighted “Beta Testers” note sections on some of the other pages.)


3. E-mail us via the dedicated SYNC address,, if you do not want your comments to be public. For example, you may be testing something that involves your organization or church, and it may not be appropriate to publicize the internal discussion that is going on. If you are able to share that with us privately, it can be very useful for SYNC development. 


Why be a Beta tester?


If you haven’t heard me say this, I want to share with you how I perceive SYNC. For me, this is more than just another technique for discipleship. I feel it could become one facet of God's multi-faceted makeover of his global Church in the 21st century, which could be similar in scope to the makeover he did through the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago.


My conviction is that we as a global Church have been under-appreciating Christ and under-telling his story. We have slipped out of SYNC with the ancient truth of Scripture and the new situations God is putting us into.


We need a "Resynchronization" so we can track with his plan and marvel at him from new angles. The more we SYNC with Christ, the closer we will be to appreciating him as he deserves and telling his whole story. 


I have worked with SYNC long enough to realize it has way more potential than I would ever be able to tap alone. I am trusting that the Lord will send many other co-discoverers to participate alongside me. You are needed. You are invited to be one of them if you share the vision of a Church in SYNC with Christ. 

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