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Freedom from Death and Deception (10th of 11)

April 1, 2018



On Easter Sunday morning—best day of the year—we reach the climax of Freedom Week. The resurrection of Jesus brings more freedom into the world than any other historical event celebrated on any other “freedom holiday.” It reveals once and for all that the destroyer who seems to be in charge of the world is really not in charge at all, and the wonderful King who seems not to be in charge of the world is actually taking over.


Jesus' death appeared to thwart his mission, but actually it did just the opposite. It created the opportunity for the resurrection. It was the resurrection that proved Jesus was unstoppable, just like the prophets had said the Messiah would be. It showed his death sentence was unjustified and had been overturned by a higher court. It replaced the worst disgrace with the highest honor.


As we celebrate the resurrection, let us never fall for the Big Lie that the enemy has sugar-coated as a common, logical, harmless belief. The lie is this: physical death is permanent but that doesn’t really matter since the spirit will live forever anyway in some new “spiritual” body unrelated to the physical one.


It was not Jesus’ spirit that was raised that day. It was his body, and he has never left or lost his physical body in the millennia since then. The resurrection is not merely a “spiritual” or “moral” victory, good for people who believe that sort of thing. It is a real physical victory for people who want to base their lives on physical facts instead of “religion”. The resurrection is not a religious fact. It is a factual fact. It changes everything.


Because Jesus still lives in his body and is still carrying out his mission, we are free to be defined by our mission and the power of God instead of by the fear of death. We are free to do whatever God has put us on the earth to do for however long he keeps us here to do it. It may be excruciating, but we cannot be stopped. As we point to the resurrected King, as we live in his freedom, we have God-given significance.


What was Jesus doing on the cross? He was cleaning us up for our share in the mission, and showing us how participation in that mission sets a person free!


Affirmation: Jesus is risen! The Big Lie is exposed. The chain of the fear of death is broken and can never be repaired. It is done!


Prayer: Risen Lord, thank you that I can live free of fear, never wasting an ounce of energy or a moment of time on anxiety about my own death.


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