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Loving and Spreading Freedom (11th of 11)

April 2, 2018

How free do we feel looking back at how Jesus rose above everything during Freedom Week:

  • Freedom from the urgings of admirers

  • Freedom from intimidation by the authorities

  • Freedom from the traps of enemies

  • Freedom from fear of future calamities

  • Freedom from his own desires and preferences

  • Freedom from the victim mentality and from sin

  • Freedom from racism and tribalism

  • Freedom from death and deception


Will Freedom Week leave any lasting, liberating impression on us this year? It depends whether we can find ourselves in the story. Who represents us? Not Judas, I hope. Not Pilate. Not the Pharisees and Sadducees. Not the disciples who all ran away and later could not believe the women who said the grave was empty.


In one sense, Jesus himself represents us. We are alive in him. He is alive in us. He did not just point to the path of freedom and show us that he could walk it; he invited us to follow him down it. He can take us there because of his strength not ours.


But there is still a little place in his story for our “strength,” and one particular “character” in the story shows us how that works. This is the only character the Master said he “needed” during the whole week, unlikely as that seems because this nameless character was so unremarkable. Yet the weakness, inexperience, and humility of this character were the very things that opened the way for playing a key role in Jesus' freedom mission. 


The “character” is the donkey colt, the perfect symbolic mount for the Messiah who would come to power by peaceful means and save the world. The colt was strong enough to carry the Messiah, and that is all we have to do once we too have been chosen, untied, and set free for the Master’s purpose.


We are not the white horse General Jesus will ride into the Battle of Armageddon. We are the donkey colt he is riding into our worlds this week. He has set us free for that. When Jesus is lifted up, he draws people to himself, so let’s lift him. (Jn. 12.32)


And when the parade is over, nobody will say, “Wow, did you see that colt!” They will say, “The Messiah has come! Freedom is here!” What a fantastic thing to be part of!


Affirmation: We have just been through Freedom Week, and I will never forget it. In Christ I am free.


Prayer: Jesus, my Lord and Master, thank you for untying me from my past, from myself, and from all earthly “masters”. Keep me free to lift you higher so that all who see you will hail you as the Liberating King.

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