Song-writing contest - any language except English

(click here for contest in English only)



Four cash prizes of $400 each for the four best worship songs on a SYNC theme in any language other than English. One of the four songwriters also wins air travel (domestic or international), conference registration, room, and board to attend GCoMM (Global Consultation on Music and Mission), July 20-23, 2020, Dallas, Texas.


  1. Explore until you get inspired with something you could turn into a song your friends would love to sing together

  2. Do a preliminary "concept check" with contest organizers to make sure your inspiration is generally in sync with SYNC. This service will be available from October 21st to March 31st.

  3. Develop your song and try it out with friends

  4. When it's ready, video it being sung by you, someone else, or a group (a simple one-phone video is OK) 

  5. Edit your video until you feel good posting it on YouTube, and promote it on social media of your choice

  6. Add English sub-titles to the video, and enter it in the SYNC contest, January - April 2020

Application forms and instructions will be available on December 1, 2019. 

Contest opens January 1st. Meanwhile start on steps 1 and 2 above.

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