Joy to the world!
SYNC song-writing contest - Global Division
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To bring joy to the world with new songs based on "milestone events" in the Bible

The following seven main milestones are each celebrated by an entire "season" in the SYNC annual cycle.

  1. The creation of the world

  2. The promise to bless the world through Abraham's descendants

  3. Jesus's resurrection

  4. Jesus sending the Holy Spirit

  5. Jesus making atonement in the heavenly "Tabernacle"

  6. Jesus's Spirit empowering the apostles to endure persecution

  7. Jesus returning as Christ the King

Ten other biblical milestone events go with these seven to make seventeen in all. Your song for the contest may focus on any of the seventeen milestones.


1. Thrill your audience with the meaning and the feeling of one of the "milestone events" in the biblical story.

Christmas carols thrill people about a milestone event (Jesus's birth) in many ways:

  • "Away in a Manger" gives us a vivid picture of the event. It takes us there.

  • "Joy to the World" has only one line about the event ("The Lord is come.") The rest is about what that means and how we respond to it.

  • "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" weaves the picture and and its meaning together.

  • "The Little Drummer Boy" invents a character to communicate some of the meaning.

2. Be easy and fun for a large group to sing, like Christmas carols.  

Your song DOES NOT have to sound like a Christmas carol, but it DOES have to be easy for ordinary people to sing in a heartfelt way. It can follow any cultural music style or any genre for group singing, including a soloist or group singing the verses and the group responding in the chorus and/or in set phrases.

Your song will not win the contest if it is too difficult. Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" would not win.

3. Move your audience to respond appropriately to the "milestone" event you are focusing on. 

  • "O Come Let Us Adore Him" calls us to celebrate and worship.

  • "O Holy Night" indirectly calls us to action by telling us about the Messiah's reign: "And in his name all oppression shall cease."  


Seven $400 prizes in the Global Division (excludes English). We will choose one winner for each of the seven themes of SYNC. There are seventeen "milestone events" that relate to the seven themes. Note that you will have less competition if you get inspired to write about a less familiar theme or event.

Honorable Mention: Judges will decide how many songs deserve "Honorable Mention." These will be featured on like the winning songs, with descriptions and photos of their composers plus the story behind each song.

Prizes will be awarded in July 2022. Meanwhile via the Facebook group, make some new friends who like your music and whose music you like. Think of the Facebook Group as a "Joy to the World Club," and look for ways to encourage other songwriters in the Club.



Song-writers may collaborate. 

Songs may be new or previously published. You may have an unfinished song that comes to mind as you look at the list of SYNC themes and milestone events. Use the contest as some extra motivation to finish it.

Copyright. You retain the copyright to your song, but you must grant permission for us to publish the lyrics on If your song infringes a copyright, it is disqualified. 

Amateur and professional song-writers are eligible. We expect that most entrants will be amateurs, and they are the ones we most want to encourage with the contest.

Employees of, judges, and their relatives are not eligible. 


  • Stir up the fire of your songwriting passion. Ask God which biblical "milestone event" he wants you to write about.

  • Write your song, or choose one you already wrote. See "Three Winning Criteria"

  • Post a "lyrics" version of your song on YouTube. This is what a group could be watching as they sing along. Use a plain background or a simple graphic that stays the same. This is a songwriting contest not a music video contest.

  • Join the "Joy to the World 2022" Facebook group. (If you deliberately avoid Facebook, write us for alternate instructions.)

  • Post your Entry Form in this Facebook group, including your surname in the file name. Watch what else is being posted in the group and what the contest administrators and other group members are saying about it. Submit your questions or comments if you wish.

  • Use your song and promote it among your contacts. This will bless some people even if the song does not win, and using it may give you some ideas about improving it.

  • You may update your song and Entry Form any time up to Easter 2022 (April 17th).