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The campaign manual, the Bible, describes things that apply to all campaign team members in all times and places. But Jesus, the Campaign Director, handles day to day campaign instructions through his Spirit, who lives in each campaign team member.

It is not our job to read the manual and then figure out for ourselves how we can best serve the campaign. That is a formula for failure. If we come up with our own activity plan, we often bite off more than we can chew, we try things that backfire or just flop, or we get lazy and satisfy ourselves with some dinky task.
Jesus is wiser. He knows what we each are made of, what we have been through, what will happen to us next, and how much time we have left on earth. In light of all that highly relevant data, he chooses appropriate personal assignments for us all the time. He passes these niche assignments to the Spirit to pass on to us.
The Spirit lets us know our assignments most often by an internal nudge, a thought that comes to mind while we are praying, reading the manual, or noticing a person or situation. We simply know what to do, whether we understand it or not, whether we want to do it or not. 
These nudges often come gently like a rider's gentle tugs on the reins of a horse he has ridden for years. They can be gentle because the horse is paying attention and is eager to please the rider. 
Once in a while they may be in the form of a voice or a message, and it may have life-long impact. For example, I have a missionary friend who got this message from God about five years ago: "You think too much. And you don't pray enough." It rocked his world, changed his place and type of ministry, and brought some new habits. And he is still pondering it as he lives by it.

But many times the nudge is short and specific. "Make that phone call you have been putting off." "Go introduce yourself to that neighbor." "Donate X amount to that cause." "Pay more attention when that person talks to you." Jesus micro-manages his campaign because he knows what happens when he leaves the management to us.

The Spirit knows what kind of nudge you need, being who you are. He has many different ways of getting through to people on their own wavelength. Various SYNC tools will help some people detect nudges; for others they may not work so well. 
But don't worry about mastering the techniques or tools. Just stay alert.
Think of the Spirit as an orchestra conductor. The music gets to a certain point and he suddenly looks straight at you and waves his baton. It's your moment! Don't miss his cue, no matter which way he gives it to you. 

FAQs on spiritual nudges

1. When I hear a voice in my head telling me to do something, how do I know whether it is God's voice, an evil voice, or just my own thought?
As a human being, you are born with a pretty good "voice analyzer" called a conscience. Over time, this can degrade, and it gets harder to tell good from evil. To restore the default settings your conscience was given at birth, focus on being in SYNC with Jesus and his campaign purposes.
For example, in Life Season, ask this, "If I did what this unknown voice is telling me to do, would I feel more alive or would part of me die? Would I be bringing life to other people or sucking life out of them? Would I be enriching the lives of others or scarring them?" 
If questions like that still don't solve it, hand it over to the Holy Spirit. He can reset things at a deeper level inside you than you can consciously reach, and you end up confident that you know what to do. You won't know how the confidence got there, but you will recognize it when it comes. This may sound crazy but it works great! 

2. What might make me miss one of God's nudges?  

Almost anything that ties up your emotional space. Maybe a busy, 24/7 schedule? Maybe a trauma you have been through or a sour relationship that has become all-consuming? Maybe a dream you are chasing, even a good one if you are chasing it for the wrong reasons?
3. What happens if I miss one of God's nudges?
You may find yourself slipping out of SYNC with him.  The further out of SYNC you get, the more nudges you will miss, and the more danger you will be in. But don’t worry, God is no weakling who nudges you once or twice and hopes for the best. He will keep nudging you and sometimes even resort to drastic measures to get stubborn people's attention.
For example, before God implanted the Holy Spirit in all his followers, he used to speak through the Spirit to a few prophets, and they would speak to the whole nation. God sent many prophets to nudge (or push) the nation of Israel to be loyal to him, but they kept on worshiping other gods anyway.
Finally, about 600 years before Jesus was born, God let Babylon conquer and destroy Jerusalem, taking thousands of Jewish leaders back to Babylon as captives. That is the kind of discipline you never have to worry about unless you deliberately ignore the nudges.
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