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Four cash prizes of $400 each for the four most appropriate adaptations and videos of one of the seven SYNC "Who Are We?" stories.


One of the four winners will also receive air travel,* conference registration, room, and board to . . . 

*Air travel: $500 travel grant; winner keeps any unused portion or personally pays any additional amount


[Note: the Proposal Form, the Entry Form, and the other files described below are still in preparation. Expected publication in the first week of January. Meanwhile check out the seven WAW stories under the "W.A.W." tab above, and start thinking about which one you would most enjoy adapting and telling.]

Step 1. Proposal Form, including your script

  • Read the one-page "WHO ARE WE?" file, [still in preparation] which will help you choose one of the seven "Who Are We? (W.A.W.)" stories to adapt for your friends/group

  • Open up to God. Invite him to lead you as you create your customized version of one of the W.A.W. stories.  Stir up your gift for crafting and telling stories. As you do so, picture the faces of the people you want your W.A.W. story to serve. "Seek and you will find" (Mt. 7.7)   

  • Submit your script with your Proposal Form. You will receive personal feedback from Stan Nussbaum, the contest organizer, who drafted the W.A.W. stories as templates to encourage storytellers like you. This will normally happen in 2-3 days. When you receive approval of your Proposal Form, go on to Step 2. If your proposal is not acceptable in its current form, we will try to ask questions or make suggestions, and you may re-submit it.

Step 2. Create and submit your video link along with your Entry Form


  • Try out your customized version of a W.A.W. story a few times with individuals or groups until it feels right to you

  • Get a video of you telling it to a friend or a group (video on a single phone is OK) 

  • Post your video on YouTube and promote it on social media of your choice, and even on Christian radio/TV if you can

  • Submit your Entry Form, including a YouTube link, by March 31, 2020