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Christmas 2020

Dear friends,


2020 has been a year that no one will ever include when they refer to "the good old days". However, we still celebrate the Messiah who was born “for such a time as this”. He came to bless, to heal, and to connect people to himself and each other, and he is still doing it through millions like us who trust him to make it all work out.


Yes, we have lost some things during the year—a 50th anniversary trip, in-person participation in church services, visits with friends and relatives, photography events and opportunities, mission trips and conferences. Whether your losses this year were few or many, we want you to be blessed this Christmas.


After five years in Kenya, our daughter Anji and her family have moved back to the U.S., partly because of COVID. They will be settling in Kansas City in January, and Steve will be returning to his career in veterinary ophthalmology. Lorri’s Mom, Betty, who still lives with us, had knee replacement surgery in January and got through the rehab at a local nursing home just before COVID hit.


Lorri is still enjoying making and sending personalized Scripture promise cards at and continuing to do photography. I’m still cranking out ideas for my web site, Thanks for your friendship and prayers. May the Messiah bring you the power of heaven as you connect with him.


Christmas peace,

Stan and Lorri

448 E Delwood St

Morton, IL 61550

                                                                         Christmas 2019, a.k.a. "The Good Old Days"

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