What is SYNC about?


1. The big idea -- the huge thing God is doing

SYNC is built on one main idea—something huge and ancient is going on in our world today, though most people are clueless about it. That's what we SYNC with.

2. The whole SYNC process in two words -- "SYNC me!"

Once we get the big idea of the huge thing God is doing, we go with it. We say, "SYNC me." The rest of the SYNC site helps you unpack those two words. If you ever get lost in the details, come back here. This is it.



  BREAKING:  There is no elephant!

God's strategy to transform this world into the world of our dreams is the elephant in the modern world. People say, "I don't see anything. What God? What strategy?"


Or they assume they know God's strategy already--tell people the rules, tell them to be more loving, bless them when they do it, punish them when they don't. That strategy is so simplistic, boring, and ineffective that many people can't stand it. They may even think that any "God" with such a lousy strategy to improve the world must be a third-class "god" at best.

"SYNC me"

"SYNC me" recognizes God's actual first-class strategy. "SYNC me" means, "OK, King Jesus. I trust you. SYNC me with the rhythm you put into the story of the world. SYNC me with what you intended when you did those game-changing events long ago."

"SYNC me" is simply a 21st century way of saying exactly what Jesus said in the middle of  the pattern prayer  he gave to his followers in the 1st century--"As in heaven, so on earth." (Mt. 6.10) Or, "SYNC earth with heaven."
The entire SYNC project is about helping people to open up to God by praying that prayer authentically and often. When they do, they welcome heaven to earth and discover a new identity in the process.

We do not control the world, but we do each control some things about ourselves. When we pray, "SYNC me" or "SYNC us," we hand over control of those things to Jesus the Messiah. The world as a whole may still be out of SYNC with the story God is writing, but we are gradually getting back into SYNC as Jesus draws us in. 

Say "SYNC me!" to Jesus Christ every chance you get--first thing in the morning, last thing at night, going out the door to work, before any other SYNC activity you may do, with family, friends, team, etc. Take it as your new mantra, and discover what it means and how it feels to be connected to something so ancient, so futuristic, and so good.

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