Too risky?


How far do you trust Jesus?

Before you SYNC any device of yours with another device or with something in the cloud, you always make sure you trust that other thing. Otherwise you are opening yourself up to any and every virus lurking out there.

So if you are going to SYNC your life and not just one of your devices, you will first want to decide how far you trust Jesus. Fortunately he likes that careful approach. 

Jesus as a "full disclosure" recruiter 

Jesus was not out to get all the followers he possibly could. On the contrary, he did not want any half-hearted followers along for the ride. He wanted total loyalty or nothing. In fact, he often put people off from following him when he clarified his terms.

If you do not know much about him and you have doubts about what you may be getting into, don't say  "SYNC me"  yet. Explore this site, size it up, talk to friends, and then decide whether to  open yourself up  to Jesus Christ or not. 

Find out more about Jesus

Read the story of Jesus' life for yourself, Mark 1-16  (20-30 min.)

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