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Checking out the "Just Do It" idea 
Five self-led, no-prep sessions
for pairs, small groups, or individuals

The guidelines on this page are for trying out the kind of listening and learning that campaign team members do. Once a week or once a day is easiest for most people, but suit yourself while you check it out.

Find more background info first about the campaign and how to join it

1. Preview this list of steps so you are sure you get the "Just Do It" idea and you want to try it.

2. Invite one or two partners to "check this campaign out" with you. The process below will work if you do it alone, but it's easier with a friend or two.

3. Do one session to see how it goes. Start with the first chapter of James, which is a very small book toward the end of the Bible. We recommend you read either The Message version or The Good News version. Those are the easiest and most vivid Bible versions. Select with the translation picker box at the top right of the home page of Many other translation options are available there too.

4. Before you read, ask God to show you whatever he wants you to know about his campaign in general and your personal niche in it.

5. As you read James 1, use the two core questions of campaign team members:

  • What are these verses telling us about God's campaign to heal, bless, and connect the world? (What is it? How does it work? What does every team member need to know about it in order to play on the team properly?)

  • What specific assignment is the Spirit of Jesus putting into my mind as something to do in the next day or two that would fit with what these verses are saying? We call this assignment your “Just Do It.” It is not a general goal or ideal like, “Be more kind.” It’s a specific thing you feel that God is putting into your mind like, “I will do this thing with this person.” It should heal, bless, or connect some person or group.

6. Write down your Just Do It (plus one from each partner) so you can come back to it/them during the next session.

7. At the end of session one, make a weekly, daily, or other schedule for the other four sessions if you are going to do them. You will use chapters 2-5 of James for those.

8. After session one, don't overthink or overplan your Just Do It. "Just Do It!" Use the first chance you get, usually within a day or two of the session, or maybe right after the session. Ask God to go with you so you get it done. Remember, it is his campaign, and you are trying to do things his way, following his personal instructions as best you understand.

Step back to evaluate


After a session or a few sessions, see whether God is putting "Just Do Its" into your head and giving you what it takes to do them. Do you sense he is with you as you do them? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction, calmness, and joy as you do them and as you think back on them, even if they don't all turn out as you hope?


If that is happening, listen for God's further direction about other things to explore on this web site, in other resources, and/or in other relationships and groups. He is the mastermind of the campaign. He knows your name and where you live. He knows how to match you with others. Just keep listening and keep trusting him to help you discover whatever you need to know when you need to know it.

Options for next steps

After the five sessions, you may follow any schedule of Bible reading you want. The Gospel of John is a great starter book, though some of the chapters may be too long for one session. You decide how much to try at once. If you prefer a structured guide, there are seven sets of eight sessions available on this page on our site, or you could follow the daily Bible reading guide, which includes a weekly option highlighted in yellow.

After the five sessions, you may want to try a version of the "Just Do It" instructions that goes into more depth about each passage. It makes each session a little longer, but it may reward the extra effort. 

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