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What is "viral week"?

It's the week when a Just Do It Group listens to God about going viral. It's the final week in a Just Do It Group cycle, the time to decide how many new groups to start for the next cycle.

Discussion Guide for the viral week session


NOTE: The person who organized this group should lead this session. Read the black print to the group. The red print is instructions for you only. 


Catch up with each other and cheer each other on (10-15 min.)

1. How did it go with your “Just Do It” from last week?

2. What is one thing you are thankful for this week? (Gently interrupt anyone who gets long-winded.)

3. What is one challenge you are facing?

Listen to the Bible and to God (20-30 min.)


Here is the big picture of why we did a Just Do It Group. It's got five bullet points, so stick with me as I read them.

  • God is on a campaign to change the world, to save it from itself

  • The Spearhead and Director of this campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world is Jesus the Messiah, who is still alive and engaged with the world

  • God's campaign strategy is to put the Spirit of Jesus into the people who agree to work on his campaign team on his terms

  • The Spirit, a.k.a. the "Holy Spirit," or the "Campaign Connector," cleans these people up, unites them as a team, gives them assignments, and empowers them to get the assignments done

  • They do the assignments and cheer on other team members, and the world gets better

The aim of Just Do It Groups is to get more people listening for their assignments and cheering others on. As long as we stay in our current Just Do It Group, only we benefit. We are isolating the virus, and that goes against God's campaign purpose to connect, heal, and bless the whole world.  

However, we might be an exception to the rule. God may want us to stay together for another month or two for the next batch (or "season") of Just Do It sessions. Our purpose right now is to listen for his guidance about the timing for us to go viral. Let's pray for that. (Optional wording: Lord we come to you today as members of your campaign team. Thank you for including us. Thank you for the assignments you have given us in these weeks and the help you provided so we could get them done for the good of others. If it is time for us to start more groups, please put your thoughts into our minds about how to do that. If you want us to stick together for another season of Just Do It, please guide us to that. In the name of Jesus and for the sake of his campaign we ask these things, Amen.)

Before we discuss our thoughts, let's re-read the biblical story that set the tone for this whole set of group meetings we have had. We won't discuss it or read it twice like we did in other sessions. We just want to have it in mind as we consider whether this is God's time for our group to go viral. That key biblical story was the story of Jesus issue his Freedom Declaration in his home town.   Have someone read Luke 4.14-21.

4. With that story fresh in our minds, let's brainstorm a little about the next few weeks of living as agents of the new era of freedom that Jesus declared. Suppose you were going to start a group with one, two, or three family/friends next week for the next Just Do It cycle (April 10 - May 25). Who might you invite to be in that group with you? Who is God bringing to your mind? Or if you aren't thinking of particular people, is he giving you some idea about how to find people for your group?

5. If those people joined your group, what might the experience do for them? How might they be better connected to God's campaign, healed, and/or blessed? 

6. What do you feel like as you think about inviting those people? Is there any way the rest of us could cheer you on or back you up?


7. If you start a group, is it OK for me to ask you once in a while how it's going? I don't want to be nosey but I do want to cheer you on sometimes and maybe share if I've had any similar experiences.

Just Do It (10-15 min.)

8. Now let's each think about our own situation. Which of these five options is the Spirit of Jesus putting into your mind as the right next step for you, your "Just Do It" for this week:

  • Go viral--start your own Just Do It Group (and expect it to start others later)

  • Continue your current group for another Just Do It cycle of 5-10 weeks

  • Both the above

  • Neither of the above; we're done

  • Kid yourself (plan on a group but "just don't do it")

9. Get the Just Do It ideas all written down so you know whether you are meeting next week and you all can cheer on anyone who is starting his/her own group. 

10. Let's pray about our plans. (Optional wording: Lord, Mastermind of the campaign to save the world from itself, thank you for showing us just now how you want us to fit in in the next few weeks. We can't make this go viral but you can. Please use us in the process however you choose at whatever time you choose. May your kingdom come and your will be done everywhere.) 

11. Thanks for being my friends and cheering me on. It's been a pleasure cheering for you and listening to God with you.      –  END

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