Nothing to join
Belief change?

You don't have to fully believe the whole SYNC package before you start using any particular SYNC exercise. However, you do have to believe that it might be true, and you have to be willing for Jesus to convince you that it is true. Leave it up to him to figure out how.


SYNC will not work for close-minded people. When they see something out of SYNC between Jesus and them, they want Jesus to change to SYNC with them.  

That never works. Jesus is looking for open-minded people, willing to change as and when he shows them the next step.


Note that "willing to change" means they don't have to clean up their act themselves before they approach him. They just have to be willing to change as he tells them how to get in SYNC with him.   

There is no SYNC organization or church you will be asked to join, and nothing to donate to. You are not SYNCing to an organization but to Christ himself.

On the other hand, SYNCing with Christ means you are in SYNC with everybody else who is also in SYNC with him. It's like devices that are synced to the same master device are also synced with each other even if they have never been in direct contact.


As you start SYNCing with Jesus, he may rock your beliefs and your world at some points where you have been living out of SYNC.  

The assumption of SYNC is that we are all out of SYNC somewhere, probably several places. As we get more into SYNC with Jesus, especially as we read or listen to the Bible, we gradually become more like him, wired more like he is wired. If you end up in SYNC with him, you will believe what he believes.

You can preview the seven SYNC "declarations" and the seven SYNCing prayers for the seven seasons if you want to see where this is going. Don't worry if these don't all look believable to you right now. 

The "belief" bar for entry into Jesus' dance class is very low. We just have to listen to him once we are in the class.

Not a lot. Basically you have to admire Jesus enough that it sounds like a better idea to be in SYNC with him than out of SYNC with him. If you believe that, SYNC is worth a try.

What do I have to believe first? 

How does SYNCing relate to believing?

Believing can end in your head. SYNCing can't. It always turns into action because you are connecting to Christ, and he is working a plan. If you "believe" but do not do anything about it, you are not in SYNC with the plan.


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