Why SYNC works


SYNC delivers far more than any program of self-help, positive thinking, or philosophy because it works on a different basis than they do. SYNC is not a matter of ideas but of historical events. If certain events happened as claimed, they have staggering implications for today.  

Not wishful thinking

When the French celebrate D-Day, that is more than wishful thinking. They are celebrating because they were on the winning side in a particular battle.


SYNC does the same thing by remembering several huge events like the day God brought Jesus' body back to life. That is not a wish. It is a claim. People can believe it or deny it, depending whether or not they think it actually happened. 


The French do not get together on June 6th to wish for victory or to try to create victory by pretending it happened. They are remembering victory and its price.


Wishful thinking can be like strong faith in a weak bridge, which never makes the bridge stronger. The Germans may look back at D-Day and wish they had won, but that does not rewrite history. 


It is much better to have faith, even weak faith, in a strong bridge--something that really did happen. Events like Jesus' resurrection are our "strong bridge," and they carry us securely even if our faith in them is a little shaky.

How the past affects the present

After June 30, 1997, the British flag no longer flew over Hong Kong. The colonial era ended, and Hong Kong had a new status, attached to the People's Republic of China. 

Since then, people have been trying to figure out or negotiate what Hong Kong's new status is going to mean. But everyone agrees that the British era is over and will never return. 

This is what SYNC is saying about God's key acts in the past. They affect the present. They change the game. They open up possibilities that were not there before. They close off things that had worked previously.

For example, the birth of Jesus the Messiah fundamentally changed the game of world history. 2018 years later, we are still trying to figure out what the new situation is and what we will do with the possibilities it opened.

Of course, people can pretend Jesus was never born or that his birth did not matter much. They can also pretend that Britain still governs Hong Kong. But if they do, they are out of SYNC with reality. 

The creativity of Jesus

SYNC works so well not because of how it is designed or written but because of who it puts you in touch with--Jesus himself. He puts his Spirit in you, and you start becoming like him, which is very good news because Jesus is the most creative, liberating person who ever lived. 


To be like him does not mean you get standardized. Just the opposite. He does not want any robots or carbon copies among his followers. What he does to each of us is to restore our wiring to its unique original configuration, which was the real you and the real me.


We were uniquely wired for a purpose, but some of our wires came loose and some got crossed. We cannot fulfill our unique destiny until the Great Electrician reconnects everything properly. SYNC is our invitation for him to do that. 

So believe it or not (and I hope you believe it), your freedom will paradoxically increase and your uniqueness will blossom when you SYNC with Christ. In fact, the only way for any of us to totally find and express our uniqueness is by SYNCing.​

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