Why your blessings have power

As you bless people with all seven blessings in  the SYNC annual cycle,  you build their security and significance. Each seasonal declaration is actually a blessing because each one breaks the power of some common cultural beliefs that make us insecure and insignificant. 
Below is a sample of how this works during Freedom Season.
Caution: Don't get lost in the details. This is not an exam. It's a route to a very satisfying life!

How Freedom Season blessings set people free


           This is a resurrection day, and we are free. 

What it means

            Jesus came to earth to proclaim that the freedom era was dawning. All human oppression would stop because God himself would take over, and all citizens of God's kingdom would be free. The authorities executed Jesus to prove his proclamation was meaningless. God vindicated Jesus when he raised him from the dead. In other words, Jesus' proclamation of freedom was true, Jesus is alive, and Jesus is the new King of a kingdom of freed people.


How it brings security and significance

            Jesus has been to death and back. Connected to him by his Spirit, we are free from the fear of death and from the control of people who threaten us with death or other harm. We have a mission--to spread his proclamation of the freedom era and invite people into his kingdom--and his Spirit gives us the tools and the strength to get the mission done. Life doesn't get any more significant than that.


The sneaky cultural assumption the Freedom Declaration exposes

            Life is about controlling our circumstances instead of being victimized. The more control we have, the freer we are.

Truth and plausibility in the assumption

            It is dangerous to let people or things control us, and it is horrible to realize that is what is happening. 

God’s corrections to the assumption

            The cross shows us the agony that can come when circumstances are beyond our control. The resurrection shows us that God is still in control even when it looks like all is lost. Bottom line: we are free when we trust God’s control and his timing no matter what our circumstances or pain level.

The philosophical lie this declaration exposes

            Freedom means getting to be whoever I choose to be and do whatever I choose to do. I get to decide what is true and what is not. I am free to create and run my world.

The insecurity and suffering the lie brings if not exposed

              Other people keep trying to take power over me or mess up my kingdom. Those people won’t change. I’m in a never-ending battle to defend myself and my kingdom against them.


Response in our character if we understand the above


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