Workshop February 26, 2021


Customizing SYNC gospel templates 

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Does this face represent the inner disconnect you sense in too many people as you present the gospel? Does it feel like you are communicating on a frequency that many of them are not tuned to or a channel that has lots of static in their heads?


Custom tune your communication to increase your clarity and their response. Choose from seven multi-cultural gospel templates and edit your choice during a 90-minute Zoom workshop on February 26th, 1500-1630 GMT (9:00-10:30am CST).

Coach: Stan Nussbaum, D.Th.


Fee: Provided by free to first eight applicants accepted. Others may be rescheduled at later date.

Free follow-up coaching

Optional follow-up Zoom meeting on March 5th

Application form for individuals, pairs, or teams (note for pairs/teams)

Application and Participation Process

Customizing SYNC's Multi-cultural Gospel Templates

Zoom workshop Friday, February 26, 2021, 1500-1630 PM GMT

Coach Stan Nussbaum, D.Th.

Max 8 participants


ASAP (5-10 min)

Decide whether to apply for a place in the workshop, using as many of these steps as necessary: 

  • Read the seven mini-stories (3 min total)

  • Choose 1 or 2 mini-stories that seem to fit your context somewhat

  • Read the expanded (2 min) version of each mini-story you chose (click link at end of each mini-story)


By February 24th (earlier is safer to be sure of a place)

Submit your workshop application form, describing yourself, your context, and your choice of one expanded story to use as your template during the workshop


On February 26th, 1500 GMT

Participate in the workshop

  • Intro of up to eight participants/pairs/teams, their contexts, and their story choices

  • Sketch of SYNC as a resource you can tap

  • Prayer for the customization work you are about to start

  • 20-minutes working on your customized version (breakout rooms available for teams or individuals; coach available in main room)

  • 20 minutes in main room discussion of your discoveries and questions so far

  • Prayer for the completion, testing, and eventual impact of your customization

  • Quick mention of your plans for next steps in the next week and the next month


By March 3rd

Send your draft customized story to Coach Stan for review. If your story is not in English or Sesotho, send an English translation.


On March 5th, 1500 GMT (optional)

Share experiences and decide on your next steps

  • Coach’s highlight of some of his written comments about stories that were submitted (comments on each story will be e-mailed to its author whether or not the author attends this second session)

  • Report on first one or two tests of your customized story with colleagues and/or your audience

  • Brainstorm any future interactions that will help you as you use your story, such as another meeting with one or two participants who are in a context similar to yours. 

  • Inform SYNC whether or not we may post your story on our site, with or without your name, as a story template for others to use.

Pairs or teams welcome.

If a pair or team will work on only one story together, they should submit only one application. (If you are not sure about a partner’s participation, apply by yourself now. You may add a partner later.)


A pair or team will count as only one of the eight available places. The pair or team does not need to be on the same device or in the same location. Zoom will put them into their own breakout room for the hands-on editing segment of the workshop. It is a great exercise for a cultural outsider and a cultural insider to work on together.

Application form