Dancers gladly applaud those who are providing the dance music. God is our Great Musician. If we are dancing in SYNC with his rhythm, it is natural to applaud him.
Large on-going group

Church congregations of all shapes and sizes are out there. Get or stay involved in a church that is in SYNC with God's ancient plan and is worshiping Jesus as the Messiah. 

Large occasional event

A huge range of conferences, special events, networks, etc. are available, and many have worship as a central part 

Small group

Many small groups are "Bible study groups" not "worship groups," but they often have a worship component. Look for one that involves prayer by group members and puts more emphasis on being and doing than on mere knowing.

Household group

If you are in a household where others are in SYNC with Christ, find a way to stay up to date with what God is doing in their lives and to thank God for it together.  


Worshiping God together has the fringe benefit of building unity. No better place for this than a marriage.


The quorum for a meeting to worship God is one.

SYNC is not about what you've "gotta do," like, "Gotta go to church." SYNC helps you discover what you "getta do."

Once you realize who you are in Christ because of what God has already done  (the seven game-changers),  you realize what kind of person you should be and what kinds of things you should do. Then you realize you can't get yourself to be that or do that.


Then you open up to God's empowerment so he can do through you what you can't do on your own. Then it gets done. You don't brag about it because you know it wasn't really you who did it.


Instead you praise God that you got to be in on it. You got to be in on something you could not get yourself to do. He gets the credit. When you give him credit, that is "worship."

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