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Seeing ourselves as

Worthy finishers

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We are worthy finishers​, enduring shame and pain loyally

The worth icon is a person carrying a heavy beam of wood. It reminds us that Jesus said we would have to carry our cross when we follow him.

Why do we get to be finishers, never giving up?


God knows how unfair the world is. Even when his messengers do everything right and are good to everyone, the world may still attack them and try to shame them.


Jesus never told his followers that following him would be easy. In fact, he said the opposite. They would need the endurance of a long-distance runner plus the courage of a person facing a dangerous attack. In a word, in order to be worthy finishers they would need grit—toughness, determination, and loyalty.


Where do we get that? Jesus showed us what it looks like to endure shame and torture, and we get strength from his heroic example. Since his Spirit lives in us, we can finish like he did—fearless, with our heads held high. And we also have God's promise to honor those who "overcome" what they suffer for his name (see Revelation 3.21). 

We are finishers not quitters because we keep looking at Jesus, letting his Spirit give us courage, and trusting his promise. We can even inspire others, passing on some of Christ's inspiration. That is what we pray for. “Lead us onward, Jesus, until we hear you say, ‘It is finished!’”


What will we do today as finishers?

  • Did Jesus help us get through anything yesterday? Let’s thank him for that. 

  • The key to finishing is keeping our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12.1). How do we do that? How do we make sure that we are thinking more about him than about any hard things that come up in our day? 


Scripture that empowers us to do this

  • Key verse for “finishers”: Hebrews 12.2, Jesus heroically endured the cross and despised the shame.

  • The story of Jesus being flogged and mocked by the soldiers, then being too weak to carry the cross all the way to his execution Mark 14.15-21.

  • How we see Christ: our commander and example, carrying the cross: Luke 14.27.

  • Jubilee Cards 36-42 (see under "Resources")


The story of the world, told in a way that shows why we see ourselves as honorable finishers

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