Your comforts


Your life gets more enjoyable in many ways when you SYNC; however, don't expect total comfort. Jesus is on a mission, and if we SYNC with him, we are assigned a share in his mission.


He laid down his life for his mission. If we will not even give up a few of our comforts for the mission, we are out of SYNC with him. The only way to SYNC is to put his mission above our comforts.  

No hidden costs

Unlike false advertisers, Christ does not offer great blessings but hide the terms of the offer in the fine print until we commit. The terms are clear up front--if we want the benefits of Christ's mission, we must become participants in his mission.


Think of it like this. If we want the health insurance provided by the army, we have to join the army, taking on the mission of the army and all the risks involved. We can't get health insurance from the army any other way. And if we join the army, we can't negotiate a special deal that compromises the army's mission in order to maintain some comforts we don't want to give up. 

In the same way, Christ requires us to join him. He has told us to take up our cross and follow him (Mt. 16.24), and only doomed people carried a cross.​ He sends his followers out on his mission "like sheep among wolves" (Mt. 10.16). That is not exactly a comfortable situation for the sheep.

Of course, it is very tempting to think that Jesus suffered so we don't have to, Jesus took all the pain so we get all the gain, but if we think like that, we are approaching Jesus like careless consumers who never even glanced at the price tag. The price tag of following Jesus is that we go wherever he goes, no matter how risky or uncomfortable that may be. ​

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