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Your song as a COVID-19 vaccine


Wouldn't you love to be the inventor of a spiritual vaccine, a song that vaccinates people against the soul damage of the pandemic? 


Scroll down for some "Sample song titles/concepts" that may connect with a song you are already working on or give you a new idea to start on. They are arranged under the seven themes or phases of SYNC, each related to one game-changing event in the flow of the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation. See six examples of COVID songs that relate to SYNC.


Of course, our list of ideas does no one any good until songwriters like you breathe some life into it. Is the Spirit giving you an idea for a song as you scan the list below? If so, please download this Entry Form for a chance to receive Honorable Mention on our "Winners" page.







Music won't vaccinate us against the virus but it can vaccinate us against a lot of what the pandemic brings--uncertainty, anxiety, resentment, frustration, depression, boredom, grief. It can also be a way to bless others with a positive message of thanks, encouragement, and prayer. 

Old favorites can do this in a way and so can our ordinary worship music. Even secular music can do it to some extent, like "Good Job" by Alicia Keys. This is a fine song of thanks and encouragement to first responders, but God is nowhere in the picture. We can add the deeper dimensions of God's story in songs the Spirit gives us to heal, bless, and unite the world during this time.




Sample song titles/concepts


"Sorry This is Late" (a belated Thank You card to God, thanking him for all the great things about 'normal' life that we didn't thank him for when we had them)

“Hymn to the Planet: Get Well Soon”

"Earth was never made for this"

“No virus in Eden, so we must not be there”

"Take us Back to Eden”

What is behind these concepts

The bedrock fact is that God created the world and all the life in it (Genesis 1). As the story of the world unfolds, God puts his group/movement into the world as life-bringers.

The pandemic goes against God’s intentions for creation. In his name we life-bringers fight whatever shortens life or diminishes it in any way. We pray to him as the Giver and Protector of Life. We pray for the poor, those living at high risk because of little access to health services, good nutrition, and space to distance from others. 

God’s whole story told from this "Life-bringer" perspective: (2-min read)








Sample song titles/concepts


"Let’s roll!" (doing our part as the spiritual descendants of Abraham to bless every family on the planet)

"Promise Made; Promise Kept" (Genesis 12.3)

In the days of Abraham, God saw 2019 coming--no surprise. He put his people into position to bring his blessing during the hard time.

"Long Live the Blessing! (To Hell with the Curse!)"

What is behind these concepts

The bedrock fact is that God has his own strategy to heal and bless the world, and he promises to do it through the descendants of Abraham for the good of every family on earth (Genesis 12.1-3).

We see ourselves in Christ as fruitful branches on Abraham’s family tree. We are part of the fulfillment of God's ancient promise.


The pandemic is part of the global curse that God is breaking. He launched his curse-breaking strategy through Abraham and is still working it out through Jesus and through us as the spiritual descendants of Abraham. We belong to God's ancient movement to bless every family on earth. We are fulfillments of that ancient promise as we work against the pandemic in 2020.


God’s whole story told from this "Abrahamic" perspective: (2-min read)








Sample song titles/concepts  

“Did you get the freedom memo? Did you know the day is here?” (Lk. 4.18-19)

"Toothless Dragon" (death is a toothless dragon now; we are free from fear of it)

"Some Good News for a Change" (there is still an open enrollment period for becoming free citizens of the "kingdom" that Jesus rules)


What is behind these concepts

The bedrock facts are that Jesus personally issued a Freedom Declaration, announcing a new Freedom Era (Luke 4.18-21). He was killed because he claimed the authority to do that, and he was raised from death to prove that he really did have that authority and he really is the King of the new era. He sent out his followers as freedom activists, calling people into his new era.

The pandemic is something we want to get free from and get over, but not before we discover whatever we are supposed to discover through it. “Freedom from COVID” is only half-freedom unless in the process we also discover what it means to live in the Freedom Era with Jesus as our King.

God’s whole story told from this "freedom activist" perspective: (2-min read)







Sample song titles/concepts


"At Your Service" (calling on the Holy Spirit to come and change us as Jesus intended us to change when he sent the Spirit in the first place)

"Keeping Cool" (while facing hell)

"He's Got This" (God has it under control)


What is behind these concepts

The bedrock facts are that Jesus has been installed as King on the throne of the universe, and his first act as King was to send his Spirit down into his followers on earth so they could continue his mission to bring life, blessing, and freedom. That is why we see ourselves in Christ as walking evidence of God’s power for good

The pandemic can be fought best by a certain kind of people—cool-headed, courageous, positive, authentic, caring. Nothing creates that type of person better than the power of God working through the Holy Spirit inside the person. And watch for some physical miracles that the Spirit may do along with the internal miracle of strengthening character.

God’s whole story told from this "Spirit-powered" perspective: (2-min read)







Sample song titles/concepts

“Wake-up Call” (or "Smell the Coffee")

"Lord, Have Mercy" (Kyrie Eleison)

"Forgive Our Sins, and Heal Our Land"

"God, they are blaming it on you. Please open their eyes to the truth."


What is behind these concepts

The bedrock fact is that Jesus' sent out his followers as forgiveness agents, spreading his offer of amnesty to the whole world. They also show that his power is still at work through his Holy Spirit, liberating people everywhere.

The pandemic will make some people wonder, “Why didn’t God prevent this virus?” As they imply that he is to blame, we carry a wake-up call about God's merciful intentions for a guilty world. He isn't the problem. He is the solution. We prepare a fresh cup of mercy to serve to people as they are roused from their spiritual sleep by the pain of the pandemic.

God’s whole story told from this "forgiveness agent" perspective (2-min read)






Sample song titles/concepts

We don’t have to win, be recognized, or even survive. We have to keep our eyes on Jesus and keep going faithfully (Heb. 12.1-2)

“Got What it Takes”

"Do the Right Thing"

"Following Jesus to the Cross"

"No Quitters Here (we will outlast the pandemic however long it takes)"


What is behind these concepts

The bedrock facts are that powerful people trashed and executed Jesus even when he did everything right, and his forgiveness agents faced the same kind of treatment when they offered the world amnesty as his representatives. The powers that be got angry about the offer because it implied they had done something terrible, and they insisted they hadn't. 

The pandemic bewilders people with unknowns, and that paralyzes many but not us. We don't have to "win." We don't have to know for sure that our efforts will be successful. We do what we do to fight the pandemic because we believe it is the right thing to do. We are sticking with that even if all seems lost.


And we don't have to get credit for doing our part in the fight. Even if people misunderstand us or trash us, we stay steady. Our eyes are on Jesus, who showed us how to do the right thing even if it kills you. We see ourselves in Christ as honorable finishers, "carrying our cross." His opinion of us is the one we care about. 

God’s whole story told from this "honorable finisher" perspective (2-min read)






Sample song titles/concepts

"Ready" - so sick of COVID, so ready for Christ's disease-free kingdom to come

"New Normal" - looking forward to the "new normal" when Jesus reigns visibly everywhere

“Coming soon to a neighborhood near you” (we are "movie trailers" giving people a preview of what is coming when Jesus is in control)

“Come on, Lord Jesus. Please hurry up!” (Rev. 22.20)

"It Won't be Long Now" (or "It's Getting Late")

What is behind these concepts


The bedrock fact is that Jesus is coming back to create utopia when he visibly rules the world. Can you imagine how great life would be in a nation with Jesus as its president or prime minister? It gets even better if you imagine him ruling all the nations at the same time! And that's where the story of the world is going. 

The pandemic will cause many people to think they have to take the future in exactly the opposite direction. They will be thinking very defensively--how to prevent another pandemic. And they will say that there has to be much more globally centralized control of individuals.


By contrast, we are on offense not defense. Our main focus is to promote good, not merely to prevent evil. God has put some of his grand, free future into us already. We see ourselves in Christ as trailers for the movie of the coming world of peace. We give the world an idea of the way Jesus brings freedom and peace when he controls things. It's the opposite of human control, which gets more oppressive and creates more resistance as it gets stronger. 

God’s whole story told from this "movie trailer" perspective (2-min read)

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