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Free at last!
Tool kit for Freedom Season  
March 24 - May 8, 2024

No one in history ever loved freedom more, lived it more authentically, explained it better, or paid a higher price for it than Jesus Christ. And no one else was set free from the world of the dead to keep leading God's freedom campaign in the world of the living. 
That's why the icon for Freedom Season is an ancient rock tomb with its entrance open. This is the black doorway to the world of the dead, and Jesus is not in there any more.  
If freedom is gold, we find the mother lode in the empty tomb of Jesus. Power holders, oppressors of ordinary people, killed him to stop his freedom campaign. The cross was the implementation of their final verdict that he was a fake messiah, but the resurrection proved he was the real Messiah. Right down to today, his Freedom Declaration stands (Luke 4.18-21) and his campaign rolls on.
If you See Yourself iN Christ (SYNC), you will see yourself more and more as a free person, riding a wave of Jesus-freedom. You will like what you are becoming under the influence of Jesus's Spirit--a freedom activist, even if you have never thought of yourself as any kind of an "activist" before.
You don't have to copy the obnoxious and aggressive methods that some activists are known for. You don't have to force anybody into anything. You are a considerate activist, an embodiment and an agent of the freedom Jesus declared for the world. You are participating in the campaign Jesus is leading to connect, heal, and bless the world.
Check out the tool kit below for useful tools for freedom activists. Thrive in the freedom of Jesus, and bless others by helping them experience it, too. 
Freedom Tool Kit
Quick intro
Personal tools for freeing up your life--
choose any or all
Discovering a free life--basics for all
campaign team members  
One-time reads
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