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Free at last!
Guide to Freedom Season  April 10 - May 25, 2022

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No one in history ever loved freedom more, lived it more authentically, explained it better, or paid a higher price for it than Jesus Christ. And no one else can set you free like he does. That's the goal of Freedom Season--getting as free as Jesus can make you.
If you See Yourself iN Christ (SYNC), you will see yourself more and more as a free person. You will like what you are becoming under the influence of Jesus's Spirit--a freedom activist, an embodiment and an agent of the freedom Jesus declared for the world. It is one way of participating in the campaign Jesus is leading to connect, heal, and bless the world.
Personal freedom exercises--choose any or all
Discovering a free life--basics for all campaign team members  
One-time reads
FAQs about going down this path to freedom
Do I have to become a freedom activist in order to get Jesus's freedom for myself? What if that just isn't me?
How do I know if I am already a free citizen of the kingdom of Jesus?
If I wanted to become a free citizen of Jesus's kingdom, how would I do it?
What freedoms would I have to give up to get citizenship?
FAQs about basics
What is SYNC?
What is a SYNC season?
What campaign is Jesus leading?
What does the freedom icon mean?
How does Freedom Season relate to the previous season of the campaign (Roots Season)?

Do I have to become a freedom activist in order to get Jesus's freedom for myself? What if that just isn't me?

There is a very widespread idea that some of us who "follow Jesus" are not cut out to be freedom activists. Jesus died to free us from that idea, as well as many other limitations. The Spirit whom Jesus sends to live in us is the "activating Spirit," that is, the Spirit who switches us from OFF to ON, from spiritually dead to spiritually alive. He activates us, turning us into activists who are in SYNC with Jesus and his strategy to change the world by bringing heaven's freedom into it.
Being freedom activists for Jesus does not mean we have to hold demonstrations, go on strikes, gather signatures, enroll members, or organize people. It is true that some of us are not cut out for those ordinary methods of activism, but we don't have to use those to be activists with Jesus. People use those methods because they are working to force something to happen. We are not.
We don't spread the message of the Freedom Declaration in order to create the new era of freedom. The era is already here. The Declaration is already in force. But a lot of people either did not get the memo or did not realize what it meant. They are still living like nothing has changed. So we are activists in the sense of raising awareness and doing everything we can to get people to care.
Though we are telling news of something that happened and something that is available, we are not really broadcasters or salespeople either. Broadcasters may not care how people respond, and broadcasters usually are not official representatives of the authority who issued a Declaration like we are. Salespeople are in it for the money, but we are in it for the joy of being in on it, helping people, spreading freedom, and making a name for Jesus the freedom bringer.
All free citizens of his kingdom do make some kind of name for the King, good or bad. If we do not care enough to be activists, we make a bad name for Jesus. The supposedly transforming power of his Spirit did not seem to work in our case because it didn't activate us.

How do I know if I am already a "free citizen of the kingdom of Jesus"? 

The simplest way to tell if you are already a citizen is to ask yourself what you think freedom is. If you can name something that used to dominate your life but it doesn't any more because of your connection with Jesus, you are in. If you think freedom means being free to do whatever you choose or having no master, no debts, and no unwanted responsibilities, you are not in yet. 

Another way to tell is to ask what you are doing to spread the news of freedom and call others to enjoy it like you do. The experience of freedom in Christ pushes you toward living as a freedom activist. If the "activist" part scares you, you aren't into Christ's freedom yet, or not very far in.

If you still aren't sure, here is a third way to tell, though it is a little more work. Read the "Who Are We?" story called "The Freedom Declaration" (2 min.) and ask whether you see yourself as part of that story. The "Reflections" at the end of the story include five ways to tell whether you are in or not.

If I wanted to become a free citizen of Jesus's kingdom, how would I do it?

If you are not in but want to be, the way to get in is basically to respond to the story, "The Freedom Declaration" story (2 min. read) by saying, "I'm in," the same way you might say, "I'm in" when someone asked you whether you wanted to go along on a trip or take part in a business deal. Obviously you have to understand the trip or the business deal. Otherwise it doesn't mean anything to say, "I'm in," and you will opt out pretty quickly.

In this case, your "I'm in," means, "Yes, Freedom King, please grant me citizenship in your 'kingdom of the willing.' I like the sound of your "Freedom Tribe," and I want to share in its purpose of spreading the Freedom Declaration. I'm not saying I'm qualified to be one of your freedom activists, but I am saying, 'Thank you' for dying to free me up to join this team. Please give me some of your freedom, healing, and deliverance so I have my own story to tell as an activist."

You become a different person because you belong to Jesus' freedom movement. This is where the idea of being "born again" comes from. The old you was not free in Christ. The whole idea of "freedom in Christ" just did not mean anything to the old you, but it means a lot to the new you. It is like you have finally discovered the free life you were born for. Spiritually speaking, you have discovered part of it, and you will discover a lot more as you go along. Welcome to Jesus's freedom campaign team. Enjoy the ride!

What freedoms would I have to give up to get citizenship? 

The list is really short, just one item. But it is still long enough that many people don't like it and won't buy it. 


Jesus had a hallmark, and he brands us with it. He puts it into the passports of all free citizens of his kingdom as the sign of our identity in him To get the passport, the only freedom we have to give up is the freedom to do anything against that hallmark.

The hallmark was the core of Jesus's identity. It is what showed up in the most agonizing crisis time of his life, when he knew he was about to be arrested, condemned, and executed. In that time of prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, he asked God his Father to find another way to accomplish his mission, but in the end he said the words that I call his hallmark, the defining mark of authenticity, "Not my will but yours be done" (Luke 22.42).

Bearing this hallmark, we go through life telling God at each crisis point, "OK, my King, your way not mine. Here we go." In ordinary times our preferences, comforts, and insights often line up with what God wants for us, but we all have some times when they clash. In those crisis moments, we lay down our freedom like Jesus did. That is the front door and the only door to free citizenship in Jesus' kingdom. "Whoever loses his life for me will find it" (Luke 9.24). As we lay down the freedom to live life our own way, we discover what real freedom is.

What does the freedom icon mean?

The empty tomb is the SYNC icon for Freedom Season because it shows that Jesus really is God's freedom bringer, and he has experienced freedom from death itself. His enemies--all the things and forces that enslave and oppress people--have run out of options to try to block his campaign to bring heaven's freedom to earth. 

How does Freedom Season relate to the previous one (Roots Season)?
During Roots Season (March 2 - April 9) we saw how God created his own group of people through Abraham to bless all other groups. A main part of the blessing being spread by his group is freedom from the curse that humanity was under. 

In Freedom Season, a particular descendant of Abraham, Jesus, issues the Freedom Declaration. It declares that the time has come for the ancient curse to be broken. But freedom is never won without a fight. Jesus has to die to win our freedom.


The surprise of the resurrection reminds us of what we called the moral of the story of Abraham and Isaac: "Never, never, never refuse to do something God's way just because you can't see how he could possibly make it work for good. He will unforgettably surprise you."

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