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We have mercy
Tool kit for Mercy Season
August 7 - September 25, 2023

Heading 3

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No one in history ever had more right to take revenge than Jesus did. He stood for truth and goodness, never broke a rule or a promise, never did a thing wrong, but got tortured and executed anyway. That's not fair!
The marvel of Mercy Season is that instead of preventing the unjust execution or paying his enemies back for it, the all-powerful King Jesus accepted execution as a central part of his role in God's ancient plan to show mercy and restore humanity. He even asked God to forgive his killers!
Now he sends us to deliver that kind of mercy as his representatives. We start to catch onto the Mercy Rhythm, that moving new sound deep in our souls. It changes anyone who opens up to it.
If you open up, the wrongs done to you won't dominate and shape your life the way they used to. You will develop a new positive identity as a mercy agent, a member of the Messiah's mercy campaign team. King Jesus is bringing the whole world into a new era of mercy through his death, and you will become part of his signal that the new era is arriving. 
And here is some good news for you as a mercy agent. Even if other people are not very merciful themselves, they usually like people who are. And they hate judgmental people.
So take your choice of any of the tools in the Mercy Tool Kit below and develop your mercy skills. Spoiler alert: if you think that having mercy means giving people a license to walk all over you, you haven't got the idea yet. See "Quick Intro" below.
Mercy Tool Kit
Quick intro
Personal tools to foster mercy--choose any or all
Discovering a mercy-rich life--basic tools for all campaign team members 
One-time reads
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