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More power to you!
Tool kit for Power Season,  May 26 - August 6, 2022

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No one in history ever held more power or handled that power better than Jesus Christ did. And no one else can inject his power into human beings today like he does. Every single member of his "connect, heal, bless" campaign team receives that power as the Spirit of Jesus moves into us and lights a fire inside us.
If you See Yourself iN Christ (SYNC), you will see yourself more and more as an empowered person and less as a victim or a failure. The Messiah is on a campaign to signal the arrival of a new era on earth, and if you See Yourself iN Christ (SYNC) you are part of that campaign. As you live under the power of the Messiah, your life becomes a signal that heaven's power is here and available, thanks to Jesus and his Spirit.
Because people are so sick and tired of being abused by power holders, they will like to be around you because you are pointing them to a new era when power will be handled properly and shared widely. Explore that new reality during Power Season.
Receiving, using, and spreading God's power
Personal power tools--choose any or all
Discovering an empowered life--basics for all campaign team members  
One-time reads
FAQs about going down this path to empowerment
Do I have to be a spiritual powerhouse in order to be walking evidence of God's power for good? What if feel weak and I fall short a lot?
Isn't it pretentious to think you are "walking evidence of God's power"? If people see themselves that way, won't they look down on everybody else?
How do I know if the power of the Messiah's Spirit is already in me or not?
If I wanted to be empowered for work as a member of Jesus's campaign team, how would I do it?
What powers would I have to give up to get empowered by the Messiah's Spirit?
FAQs about basics
What is SYNC?
What is a SYNC season?
What campaign is Jesus leading?
What does the power icon mean?
How does Power Season relate to the previous season of the campaign (Freedom Season)?


Do I have to be a spiritual powerhouse in order to be walking evidence of God's power for good? What if feel weak and I fall short a lot?

You don't have to be a powerhouse but you do have to be a work in progress. Don't beat yourself up about your weakness but don't accept it either. God wants you freed and empowered, and it is the Spirit's work to get you more that way every day and more connected to others in Jesus's campaign team.
There is a very widespread idea that feeling weak and falling short are pretty normal, and they are really nothing to worry about as long as we are believing the right things about God's mercy and Jesus's sacrifice for us. That idea claims to be realistic and humble. After all, we are only human, right?
But when we think like that we are overlooking the fact that Jesus sent his Spirit to make us more than human. We are humans with the Spirit of Jesus living in us. We are not weaklings, just treading water spiritually, going nowhere. If we are still just as weak as people who do not have his Spirit in them or as weak as we were a month or a year ago, we are saying that the Spirit makes no difference in our lives. The Spirit adds no power! Do we really want to say that?
Of course, we won't go to the other extreme and say the Spirit has already made us perfect. The Spirit's work on us is not magical and instant. We are works in progress. But there is visible progress because God has some plans for us as empowered members of the Messiah's campaign team.
We will tire him out if we keep talking about how weak we are and how kind he is to put up with our ongoing, unchanging weakness. And we will anger him if we use our weakness as an excuse to ignore the assignments Jesus gives us for the campaign. Do we really want to see how fed up he can get?
He gave his life for the campaign to connect, heal, and bless. He gave us the Spirit so we would have all the power we need for each assignment as he gives it to us, and we say we don't have what it takes! 
If you are not already watching the Spirit replace your inner weaknesses with inner strengths, get serious about seeing yourself in Christ. Spend some time around people who know this power. Spend some time in the parts of Scripture that explain it, especially the book of Acts. Listen to what the Spirit tells you as you read and as you connect with others who have the Spirit. And never insult the Spirit by treating spiritual weakness as normal and acceptable. God has much better things in mind for you.
Isn't it pretentious to think you are "walking evidence of God's power"? If people see themselves that way, won't they look down on everybody else?

People may get a big head about this, but if they do, it shows they don't realize what is going on. They either think the power is their own or that God gave them the power because they were better than other people to start with. But if they do understand the power of the Spirit of Jesus, they know they have no more bragging rights than the kindergartner who "won" a marathon riding on his father's back.

They also know that the power is supposed to be used to attract people to the ultimate power-holder, Jesus the Messiah. When people see us as empowered people, they are supposed to realize that the power is available to them too if they open up to his Spirit. They won't realize it if we look down on them because they don't have the power yet. We will drive them away. We will be going directly against the intentions of the King.

How do I know if Jesus has already put his Spirit into me? 

One way to tell is is to ask yourself what you think power is. If you can name something that used to dominate your life but it doesn't any more because of your connection with Jesus, you are in. If you think freedom means being free to do whatever you choose or having no master, no debts, and no unwanted responsibilities, you are not in yet. 

Another way to tell is to ask what you are doing to spread the news of freedom and call others to enjoy it like you do. The experience of freedom in Christ pushes you toward living as a freedom activist. If the "activist" part scares you, you aren't into Christ's freedom yet, or not very far in.

If you still aren't sure, here is a third way to tell, though it is a little more work. Read the "Who Are We?" story called "The Mother of All Power Struggles" (2 min.) and ask whether you see yourself as part of that story. The "Reflections" at the end of the story include five ways to tell whether you are in or not.

If I wanted to become walking evidence of God's power for good, how would I do it?

One way to get started is to respond to the story, "The Mother of All Power Struggles" (2 min. read) by saying, "I'm in," the same way you might say, "I'm in" when someone asked you whether you wanted to go along on a trip or take part in a business deal. Obviously you have to understand the trip or the business deal. Otherwise it doesn't mean anything to say, "I'm in," and you will probably opt out pretty quickly.

In this case, your "I'm in," means, "Yes, King Jesus, please put your Spirit into me to empower me for my part in your campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world. I love the idea of being on your campaign team. I want to share in its purpose of making heaven's power available for good on earth. I'm not saying I'm qualified to be evidence of your power, but I am saying, 'Thank you' for sending your Spirit to make me part of the team. Please empower me so I can be good evidence that you are alive and at work."

You become a different person because you belong to Jesus's empowerment campaign. Do you remember wanting to make a difference in the world but always falling short of what you had in mind? It was the old you who wanted to make a difference in the world. The new you wants to participate in Jesus's campaign to make a difference in the world, which is a different way of going at the same goal. 


In this new approach, Jesus gives you personal assignments in his campaign. If you listen for those and stick with them, you don't fall short. He may not give you the power to do all the good you can wish or imagine but he will give you the power to do everything he assigns you. 100% guaranteed.


What powers would I have to give up to get God's empowerment? 

It's not a question of which powers you give up. It is more a matter of your whole mindset about power. What do you think it is? How does it work? What is it for? All that has to get into alignment with Jesus's strategy for sharing his power with his campaign team members so we can do our campaign assignments. 


The campaign is a campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world, that is, God's power is working for the good of the world. When our view of power is governed by Jesus, the director of the campaign, he entrusts us with some of his power because he knows we won't use it for our own advantage and become corrupt because of it.

Everyone knows that power is a corrupting force. The entire philosophical movement of postmodernism is based on the idea that no power holders can ever be trusted. They are all in it for their own gain. To "deconstruct" them means to break their power by exposing the selfish motives they try so hard to hide. 

This drives revolutions. The revolutionaries believe that if they forcefully removed the current power holders and took power themselves, power would not corrupt them. Their nations would be better off. But the revolutionaries do not pledge their allegiance to Jesus and his campaign. They do the best they can without Jesus, and gradually their hopes and good intentions are overpowered by the corruptive reality of power-holding. The new power holders look more and more like the old ones, just as selfish, just as corrupt or more so.


The change in mindset is a change to trusting Jesus as the ultimate and incorruptible power-holder. He is genuinely committed to the campaign objectives--connect, heal, bless. He has broken the power of the human mindset about power, the belief that power structures and brute force can cause things to go as the power holders want. We simply don't believe that any more because Jesus gave his life to show how earthly power fails and heavenly power works. The power of the resurrection is the power of the new mindset.

What does the power icon mean?

Fire is the SYNC icon for Power Season because on the day Jesus poured his Holy Spirit down onto his messengers, they saw flames on each other's heads. He lit the fire in them to spread the message of the new era of freedom and power everywhere. There is a new king! This is a new day for the whole world!

How does Power Season relate to the previous one (Freedom Season)?
During Freedom Season (April 10 - May 25) we saw how Jesus announce a new era of freedom. Powerful people who wanted to prevent his new era, his so-called kingdom of God, killed him but God freed him from death so he could continue spreading his freedom.
But what is freedom if the free people have no power? Power Season celebrates that Jesus did more than set people free. He empowered them to live with his life.

In Power Season, Jesus the Messiah takes power on the throne of heaven and sends his power down on his followers to show the world that he is alive and well. He is still promoting his campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world. His death did not derail his campaign or even slow it down. He was raised from death as powerful as ever. Then he put some of his power into his followers by sending his Spirit to live in them and among them.

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