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More Power to You!
Tool Kit for Power Season
May 9 - August 6, 2024

Heading 3

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No one in history ever held more power or handled that power better than Jesus Christ did. And no one else can project power into human beings today like Jesus does. Every single member of his "connect, heal, bless" campaign team receives that power as the Spirit of Jesus moves into us and lights a fire inside us.
If you See Yourself iN Christ (SYNC), you will see yourself more and more as an empowered person and less as a victim or a failure. The Messiah is on a campaign to signal the arrival of a new era on earth, and if you See Yourself iN Christ (SYNC) you are part of that campaign.
As you live under the power of the Messiah, your life becomes a signal that the new era is dawning. Some of heaven's power is here and available, thanks to Jesus and his Spirit. That power connects, heals, and blesses, not totally or instantly but visibly and surely.
Because people are so sick and tired of being abused by power holders, they will like to be around you because you are pointing them to a new era when power will be handled properly and shared widely. Step into that messianic future. Explore that new reality during Power Season.
Power Tool Kit
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Personal power tools--choose any or all

Discovering an empowered life--
basics for all campaign team members  
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