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"To SYNC or not to SYNC? That is the question."

The rest of that adapted quote from "Hamlet" is also relevant for those who are thinking about joining God's campaign. Is it nobler to hunker down without protest under "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" or to stand up against them, hoping your opposition will end them?

Jesus was absolutely clear about his answer to that timeless question. "Stand up and join me!"


Jesus is the spearhead of a campaign to stand up against the status quo, not by "taking up arms against a sea of troubles" like Hamlet, but rather by announcing a new era, the era when heaven's power starts arriving on earth.


To "SYNC" means to welcome that announcement. Jesus says, "SYNC!" We echo, "SYNC me!"


The purpose of this site is to encourage users to say, "SYNC me". Don't imagine you are trying to comprehend the SYNC framework so you can pass a test on the seven seasons. Knowing the information is not the point.


The point is what you decide to do as you realize that Jesus is leading a campaign and he has a role for you in his campaign team. Do you join him? Do you say, "SYNC me"? Or do you play safe?

Why would I join this campaign?

1. Because you are being recruited

God sent Jesus to earth as the "Messiah," the person appointed to spearhead the campaign. Jesus calls the whole world to join it, like an orchestra conductor tapping his baton on the music stand to get all the musicians' attention. Then he waves the baton to keep us in SYNC as we play the "Symphony for a New World".

To be in SYNC, to "See Yourself iN Christ," means to be in SYNC with God's futuristic campaign and with Jesus as its Director. People who are clueless about the campaign are not watching Jesus, and they get out of SYNC. This site exists to clue people in so they start taking their cues from Jesus

2. Because the campaign is ancient, non-violent, and good for you and the world.

Joining the campaign is your chance to get a fresh take on your identity--who you are, what you are worth, what your purpose is, and what you belong to that is bigger than you are. 

You are not joining a campaign of this web site or of any particular church or organization. You are joining (or discovering you already belong to) God's ancient campaign that started almost 4000 years ago through Abraham.

About halfway between Abraham and today, God the Father sent Jesus (God the Son) from heaven to spearhead the campaign and take it into a whole new level.

  • That's why Jesus kept saying, "Follow me"--he was building his campaign team.

  • That's why he was killed--the power-holders of his day feared his campaign and tried to stop it.

  • And that's why his resurrection matters so much--it means his campaign isn't over. 

You get to join this work in progress. Sign up for this campaign and your purpose for life is set. You will never feel lost, aimless, or worthless again. And you will never be told to do anything violent or deceptive for this campaign.

How would I join God's campaign?

It's all about listening. You "sign up" with Jesus by telling him you have heard his call to follow him (join his campaign team), and now you are going to start listening to him.

Jesus is still alive (though not physically on earth), still directing the campaign, and still actively recruiting. If you ever honestly say any words to him that amount to, "OK, SYNC me," he will hear you and put his Spirit (his living "Self") into you to make you fit for his team.

Your words might be as short and personal as, "OK, Jesus, I'm in. Sign me up. Where do I start?" It is simply you putting yourself at the disposal of Jesus for his campaign. Your job then is to listen to his Spirit inside you, who will keep you in SYNC with him and his agenda. 

Some other things you may want to say as you sign up:

  • Get me off to a good start. This seems overwhelming.

  • Please connect me to some other team members I can learn with.

  • Please give me a makeover so I am fit to participate in your campaign.

  • Change my attitudes and get my focus onto connecting, healing, and blessing.

  • Whatever I used to do that went against the campaign, I renounce now. I'm sorry I ever did it. Keep me from ever going back there again.

  • Develop my skills so I contribute positively to the campaign.

  • I don't have what it takes to do this on my own. Give me strength!

  • Keep me from letting the team down or bringing any shame on you as the team leader.

Campaign team members may be totally clueless about the campaign to start with, but they like its goals (connect, heal, bless) and they learn to trust its leader (Jesus the Messiah). The whole Bible is basically the story of God's campaign, and campaign team members soak up that story. The Spirit of Jesus lives in each team member and among us as a group, so we keep listening for the guidance that the Spirit puts into our heads and our hearts.

Maybe you didn't hear the recruitment call of Jesus before or you didn't pay attention, but now you are signing up, getting serious, listening to whatever he tells you and working as hard as he directs on any campaign tasks. You are done building your personal kingdom. His kingdom, his campaign, is the one that counts from now on.

God's lame strategy?

Some people assume they know God's campaign strategy already--tell people the rules like "Be kind", bless them when they obey, punish them when they don't. It sounds very lame. Who wants to join a team that uses a strategy as simplistic, boring, and ineffective as that?

People who look at the Bible that way are clueless about God's actual strategy, which is totally brilliant. They think the Bible's message boils down to the same old things, "Be good. Be religious. Tell God how sorry you are that you don't do better." They don't know the story of the campaign as the Bible tells it.

A two-minute read would cure them. See the "Story of the World" tab or click here.

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