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What team members have to believe


We don't try to build a case here to defend the following list of five basic beliefs about God's campaign. We simply state them up front so you can see whether you agree or not.

  • God is running a public awareness campaign to save the world from itself. The story of the world and the story of the campaign are interwoven.

  • God the Father is the campaign mastermind and owner. It is not a human invention or organization.

  • Jesus Christ is the spearhead, the campaign director appointed by God his Father. 

  • The Holy Spirit connects us to Jesus and gives us our campaign assignments, sometimes through the Bible and sometimes in other ways.

  • We collaborate as teammates with all others whom Jesus brings into in his campaign

What team members have to do

SYNC is one tiny component of God's ancient and ongoing campaign to save the world from itself. As team members we have to participate in the campaign work--connecting, healing, and blessing the world--under the direction of Jesus the Messiah through his Spirit. 

SYNC sketches the campaign work from seven angles. These don't tell us everything but they do give us a start on comprehending a beautifully complex campaign story that has Jesus in the middle of it. Here are the seven themes and their icons.

SYNC icons new July 2022.jpg

If you SYNC (See Yourself iN Christ), you shift the outlook you were born with. You focus on spreading those seven blessings to others instead of acquiring them for yourself. You live for the good of the world instead of trying to build your own little kingdom.


The main thing you have to do though is keep listening. As a team member you trust the wisdom of the campaign director, Jesus, and the ability of his Spirit to make your assignments clear to you.


Don't expect to figure everything out. We humans have a staggering capacity to miscalculate when we think we have things well figured out. It is better for us not to calculate what to do for the campaign, or at least not to trust our calculations very much. We trust Jesus and his voice through his Spirit to guide us.

How much does it cost?

As far as we at SYNC are concerned, everything is free to you as a service of other members of God's campaign team. You don't pay, register, or subscribe to anything to get access to any SYNC materials. We do not put you onto any mailing list. We do not sell or give away any information about you. We don't even invite you to donate unless you initiate a request for donation information.

What we do ask is that you listen to God for your assignments in his campaign. We can't tell you what he will ask of you as a team member or how much it will cost you. God himself will help you discover all that as you open up to him. 


If you join God's campaign, you join because you trust his judgment about what he should assign to you. Some of your assignments may involve some agony, some drudgery, and a lot of unknowns, but you still trust that at the end of the day, doing your assignments will work out for your good and the good of the campaign. 

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