God's Story of the World
As the Bible Tells It

Every social, ethnic, religious, or political group has its own "story of the world," even if it is not compiled into one book like the Bible. You don't understand any group until you know its version of the story of the world. In the pulldown menu, you can read six of these "world stories" such as Islamic, post-modern, and Nazi, 30-seconds each.


We at SYNCx.org, like many others, believe that God is writing the story of the world in a particular way, and that his purpose for us is that we go with the flow of his story. That's why we talk about "SYNCing." We don't want to be out of sync with his plan to connect, heal, and bless the world. The "connect" part means "connect people with the flow of his story." 


The Bible is actually one long story--the story of the whole world from start to finish. It is the story God is writing us into. A story is way more than a law code we are supposed to comply with. This story is the story of a campaign we are to join, God's amazing, counter-intuitive, non-coercive campaign to save the world from itself. The Bible tells us how the campaign has gone so far, what it means to join it, and how it will turn out. 


Getting started

Using the pulldown menu read seven SYNC panoramas, seven versions of the biblical "story of the world". These are like seven friends each giving you a one-minute description of a movie they all saw last night. We need these thumbnail versions of the biblical story because the Bible gives us so much to digest--1189 chapters, 1500-2000 pages!  

Each panorama story page has a mini-story version followed by an expanded version and some reflections about getting into SYNC with this version of the story. 


The point of reading any of the panoramas is not history. The point is your decision about how you are going to live your life once you realize how this story goes with Jesus the Messiah in the middle of it. Do you want to go with the flow of this story of the world or do you want to write your own story of your own life, your group, or your cause, perhaps including Jesus as far as he fits into your story?


Of course, none of these SYNC panorama stories can give a perfect or complete explanation of "the world". That's why we keep updating them, and we also encourage other people to use the pulldown option to make their own version. Read our versions as prototypes, not finished products.

Seven panoramic biblical versions of the story of the world

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