The story of the world

Every social, ethnic, religious, or political group is held together by one particular "story of the world" they share. See six examples - 30 seconds each.


The members of a group won't agree on everything, of course, but they do share a few core beliefs about the world as they see it. These beliefs are not just ideas or values. They are part of the group's story that explains who they are, how they got here, what matters to them, and how they are going to act. You don't understand them until you know their story.

SYNC is all about one of these "stories of the world"--the one that unfolds through the Bible from start to finish. Such a long story (1189 chapters, 1500-2000 pages) has too many layers to summarize from any one perspective by itself, so SYNC gives seven perspectives, each a 2-minute read.

We call these perspectives "story templates" because none of them is a final version. We keep updating them, and we keep encouraging other people to make their own versions of them too.


Caution: the templates are all versions of the same story, so it gets confusing if you read several at once. For a quick preview that brings out the differences between the versions, we suggest the "mini-story" summaries, only 100 words each.

Seven "story templates"

Each telling the same "story of the world" from a different angle

2-minute read each