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The "just looking" approach to SYNC

SYNC is all about the way you see yourself in the story of the world.  


We have no idea what you have been through in life or how you have handled it so far. But we have some information about the story of the world that can make the next chapter of your life more significant, fulfilled, and flourishing. 


You may not think the world has a story, and we each have to write our own personal story as we go along. OK, let's say you are right. 

In that case SYNC will help you understand people who are writing their personal stories as if they are participants in a story that is much older and bigger than they are, a story with Jesus the Messiah in the middle of it. 

The “Who are we?” stories on this site give seven different versions of that older, bigger story. Each version summarizes the entire Bible (approximately 2,000 pages) into a two-page story about God’s ongoing "public awareness campaign".


This is not a story about God telling humanity, "Be nicer and more religious."  It is about God's involvement in ordinary life--personal, national, global. The summary versions cover only a few key incidents, but you can see how those highlights make the story go the way it does. Each version of this story brings out a different highlight as the main point.


Choose any “Who are we?” story with a title that interests you. As you read it, forget your current idea of what the Bible is and try to look at it the way many other people do--it is the big story of a campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world. 


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