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The Campaign Overview

The big idea -- the huge thing God is doing

SYNC is built on one main idea—something huge and ancient is going on in our world today, though many people are clueless about it. God has master-minded a campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world.


God sent Jesus to earth as the "Messiah," the person appointed to spearhead the campaign. Jesus calls the whole world to join it, like an orchestra conductor tapping his baton on the music stand to get all the musicians' attention. Then he waves the baton to keep us in SYNC.

To be in SYNC, to "See Yourself iN Christ," means to be in SYNC with God's campaign and with Jesus as its Director. People who are clueless about the campaign are not watching Jesus, and they get out of SYNC. This site exists to clue people in so they start taking their cues from Jesus.

Why are so many people clueless?

Many people stay clueless because they think they already know what God's campaign is about and how it works, but this is a counter-intuitive campaign. It is full of surprises like these: 

  • It allows for human freedom and significance, which means human evil has real impact, as well as human good.

  • It uses the most unlikely people in the most unlikely ways, even those who oppose the campaign.

  • It includes pain during the campaign process, even for those who are doing exactly what God tells them.

  • It allows people to fight it, even to arrest and execute the spearhead of the campaign, Jesus the Messiah!

Jesus has not assigned us to force clueless people to get clued in. We do not force anybody to dance to the campaign rhythms. But Jesus is telling us to encourage everybody to listen to these rhythms and decide whether to dance or not.


If the rhythms get into them, they dance, and the world is more connected, more healed, and more blessed. That's what happens when Jesus is in charge and people get clued in about SYNCing with him.

How is SYNC related to God's campaign?

SYNC is one of many on-ramps to God's campaign. Never imagine that SYNC invented the campaign, owns it, runs it, or acts as gatekeeper for it.


We are only trying to describe it in fresh ways so people can get into it and move with it. That means they move in step or in SYNC with the directions given to them by the person God assigned as the one to hold the whole thing together, Jesus Christ.

To "See Yourself iN Christ," or to "SYNC," means that you see yourself as held by him. He recognizes you as a member of his Connect-Heal-Bless campaign team. Through his Spirit, Jesus connects you to other team members, gives you your personal assignments in the campaign, and helps you get them done.


So there are two sides to this coin: you "See Yourself iN Christ" and you "see Christ inside you."

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