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The Campaign Overview

The big idea of SYNC

BREAKING: A huge and futuristic global campaign is going on, but many people are clueless about it and out of SYNC with it.

If you knew you that someone had masterminded a campaign for a future utopia and that it seemed to be making some progress, would you join that campaign? Not right away, I hope. You would check it out to see how far you trusted the campaign strategy, leadership, and track record. 

We all know how easy it is to talk about a world connected in peace and harmony, all diseases and all old wounds healed, and everyone blessed with everything they need to thrive. It's hard to trust people who talk like that. 

Failed utopian campaigns


Lenin, Hitler, and Mao all promised utopia to their millions of followers. Their strategy to create a perfect world was to subjugate and/or eliminate imperfect people and groups, that is, all who did not agree that a supreme leader should be trusted to decide how much power (and violence) was necessary to bring about utopia.

John Lennon had a non-violent alternative strategy--"Imagine". Millions know the words of that song and billions have heard it hopefully sung, but is the world any closer to utopia now than it was in 1971 when the "Imagine" album came out? 

Another strategy to reach utopia is to start small. Create a model utopian community under isolated and controlled conditions. But these communities become cultic. They fossilize, implode, or fizzle out. They fail to convince the wider world that they have found the secret path to utopia.

How to avoid getting sucked in

Many people conclude that the wisest approach is not to listen to any utopian claims ever. Lower our sights, focus on getting the best deal we can in life for ourselves and those who matter most to us. Do a little good for the world if we can, but don't expect it to have much effect.


What's wrong with that? It is realistic, and we don't mean to hurt anybody else. We will only resort to hurting other people if they try to get the best deal for themselves by taking some things we were counting on as part of the best deal for us.

The whole SYNC site is a call to think bigger, to get our heads out of our own tiny worlds and, in spite of all the failed campaigns for utopia, dare to consider one that uses a wildly different strategy.


The campaign we are talking about is suited for the Information Age because it is an information campaign, a public service campaign designed for everyone's good. It tries to show everyone the benefits of listening to the campaign message. It tries to persuade them to act on the information, but it does not force clueless people to get clued in. It only clues them in if they are willing to listen.

There is exactly one reason they should be willing, and this is it: this campaign has the perfect mastermind, God Himself, and the perfect director, Jesus the Messiah.

Oh, so this is a religious campaign?

No, even though it does have Jesus in the middle of it. This is a campaign for a future era, similar to life as we know it but without all the garbage and pain.


In this new era we do not trade our everyday lives and relationships for lives of constant religious activity and meetings. That would not be nearly as creative as the future God has actually planned.

The campaign GOALS sub-page focuses on three things--connection, healing, and blessing. All three relate to the whole of life, not to a religious compartment that some people include in their lives. None of the three is limited to religious connection, religious healing, or religious blessing.

So SYNC is not asking you how interested you are in religion. We are asking how interested you are in the future.


If you want to be part of bringing in the future via this campaign, here is the "Heads up!" that we are broadcasting: 

Heads up!

  • Quit focusing on how to get the best deal for yourself. Step back. Look up.

  • Get clued in to the utopian future that is arriving and the strange strategy that is ushering it in.

  • Start living with one foot in the future world that is connected, healed, and blessed.

The SIGN-UP sub-page describes why to sign up, how you sign up, and what you are signing up for. The "strange strategy" is woven into these explanations.

All campaign recruits need some training, because God's unconventional strategy for the future is full of surprises and takes some getting used to.

We are not so much creating a future that we see all mapped out as we are discovering the future a little at a time as we round each curve in the road. We can't see all the way to utopia from here. We just trust God to guide us at each fork in the road.

The TRAINING sub-page describes basic unchanging things that all campaign team members need to live by, like the campaign prayer, a great daily breakfast for the soul. The sub-page also gives us tools to help us find our personal assignments in the campaign, which keep changing with our individual situations. 

The PARTICIPATION sub-page spells out the acronym CLUED in. That is what the Spirit of Jesus does one step at a time--clues us in to this futuristic campaign. This happens as we participate in the campaign, not as we study ideas about it.

The SUCCESS sub-page explains how we measure campaign success and why we are so sure of it. The "Cascade of Grace" is the key diagram. As water cascades downhill, the future in the mind of Jesus cascades into the present. The vision becomes reality.

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