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Tool kit for Roots Season
February 14 - March 23, 2024

In Roots Season (Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday) we see God taking a new step in his campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world. 
Through one couple, Abraham and Sarah, he birthed a "demo and delivery team" that grew into the millions. Its special assignment was to bless all other groups with his healing and life. 
God did this because he had already shown humanity that commands, warnings, punishments, and second chances did not get us out of our death spiral of murder, corruption, abuse, and racism (Genesis 4-11). There had to be some kind of team, and it had to work as a positive example, not a deadly force. 
The SYNC theme color for Roots Season is brown to remind us of the earth that the Roots are growing in, as shown in the icon above. That earth represents God's strategy as he described it to Abraham, the key person in the Roots story (Genesis 12).
Our assignment in God's campaign is to be fruitful branches on the Abraham family tree. We do that by staying connected to our roots in Abraham, which give us a secure identity and a significant purpose--to bless the world.
God desires to unite our divided world and heal our broken world. He turns that desire into assignments and gives them to us. His vision for the world comes true as we do his will by his power.


Check out the tool kit for useful tools as adopt that outlook on life--looking forward to the fruit he will produce in you as you discover and carry out his assignments. Become so well-rooted that you are secure and significant, blessing the world. What is not to like about that?
Roots Tool Kit for a fruitful life
Quick intro
Personal tools for a secure and significant life - choose any or all


Discovering a rooted identity--
basic tools for all campaign team members 
One-time reads
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