Moving with the Roots Rhythm




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God of Abraham, we marvel at your strategy of creating one group on earth to connect, heal, and bless all the others. What a privilege to be included in that group, your campaign team! What a responsibility!
hank you so much for adopting us into that team through Jesus the Messiah. Thank you for blessing us with Abraham's DNA of trust, and thank you that we get to live for everyone's good and no one's harm. 
SYNC us with your campaign to bring a sense of community, security, and significance to all families, tribes, and nations.
Bless us so we can bless them all. 

Getting started as fruitful branches on the Abraham family tree


We start living our lives differently as we start seeing ourselves as part of the campaign team that God created through Abraham and expanded through Christ to bless all families on earth. We discover new security and significance in this, and we quit looking for security and significance in all the wrong places.


There is no purpose greater than the purpose God gave to Abraham's descendants, and there is no group loyalty that deserves greater commitment. We reinforce it with prayers like this:











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Of course, God did not recruit us for his campaign team because we were any better than anyone else to start with or because we worked hard and earned this privilege somehow. We only got the privilege because we have said "Yes" to the most important descendant of Abraham who ever lived, the spearhead of God's campaign, Jesus the Messiah. He is the key person who makes the whole Abraham Strategy work.

And this is the reason. Jesus was only a descendant of Abraham on his mother's side. His Father was God. Jesus was a miracle child, an impossible combination of the supernatural and the natural, genuinely God and genuinely human at the same time. It took such a one-of-a-kind being to show us pure, perfect trust in God and pure perfect commitment to God's campaign to bless the world at any price.


Abraham had his flaws. Jesus didn't. And Jesus, who lived about 1900 years after Abraham, said, "Before Abraham was, I AM" (John 8.58). In other words Jesus is not just the one showing us how to live in the security and significance that come when we trust God to keep his promise to Abraham. Jesus is the one who made the promise to Abraham in the first place! 

When we are rooted in God's promise to bless the world through the descendants of Abraham, we let it define our identity and give us our purpose in life. We see ourselves as part of God's campaign team. We call this "SYNCing" with Jesus and his strategy, seeing ourselves in Christ. If we are in Christ, the key descendant of Abraham, we also become descendants of Abraham with a share in Christ's mission to bless the world.

Spur of the moment -- being observant about situations

As Jesus directs the campaign to save the world from itself, he creates situations that give certain team members opportunities to connect, heal, and bless people. Often these just pop up. The team did not plan them or see them coming, but they should not miss them.

That means team members get good at "listening" to their situations, noticing what is going on around them. They watch for signals that someone is disconnected, hurting, or lacking something. Team members are not campaign vehicles with their loudspeakers turned up full blast. They are human beings with two really good ears. They are supposed to be the most observant people in the world.

Jesus promised to reward alert and helpful team members. In 21st Century language, we could put his words this way:

"It's time for you to claim your reward for good service in the campaign.

My life was empty and you gave me a reason to get up in the morning.

I was worn out and you refreshed me.

I didn't belong and you included me.

I was afraid of being judged and you accepted me.

I was sick and you cared about me.

I couldn't get out and you came and sat down with me."

The recipients will answer, "What are you talking about? When did we ever see you in any of those conditions?" And Jesus will reply, "Whenever you did that for any of the people I call my brothers and sisters, you did it for me."  (Matthew 25.34-40)

The members of Jesus's campaign team notice the actual needs of the people around them, and they respond appropriately. It is the right thing to do, and they do it. They don't take a one-size-fits-all view of the campaign, turning the whole thing into one set program that they offer to everybody in a standard way. 

When we use any of the ways of listening to the Bible, it keeps us alert for the next spur of the moment opportunity. It often happens that a verse we read in the morning turns out to fit exactly with a situation that comes up later that day. God connects the Bible and our lives in ways we can't foresee. We just notice them when he puts them in front of us, take advantage of them, and thank him for setting things up the way he did. 

Fake instructions -- designed to distract and confuse

There is an archenemy of Jesus who wants to mess up the campaign team, including you. The archenemy is Satan, the spiritual being who has the most to lose as Jesus's campaign succeeds. His mission is to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10.10), the opposites of Jesus's mission to connect, heal, and bless.


He knows he can't win and he doesn't have much time left (Revelation 12.12), but he is still determined to cause as much pain and trouble as he can on his way down. A favorite tactic of his is to whisper half-truths into the ears of us campaign team members, anything that will trick us into missing our campaign assignments or letting them slide.

Some sample half-truths

  • "You already know what the Bible says. You don't need to keep reading it all the time."

  • "You are no Mother Teresa, but you are no Darth Vader either. You are basically good."

  • "You can keep growing spiritually yourself whether you are having any spiritual influence on anyone else or not. Don't worry about that."

  • "Your faith will stay about the same whether you connect with others who follow Jesus or you do it on your own. Choose the option that works for you."

  • "The goal of Bible study is to understand the Bible better. Focus on the gaps in your understanding and keep trying to fill those in."

  • "The best measure of your spiritual health is the intensity of your worship experience on Sunday morning. Concentrate on that, and criticize anything that interferes with it."