Moving with the Roots Rhythm


Our goal during Roots Season, February 17 - March 27, 2021


Participating in the fulfillment of God's ancient promise to bless the world through the spiritual descendants of Abraham.

To SYNC with the rhythm of Abraham means that we dance to that "Roots Rhythm,"  gratefully and joyfully playing our roles as members of God's "demo and delivery team" descended from Abraham. How? 


  • Celebrate God's gift of security and significance that comes with our team membership, and quit looking for it anywhere else. These two basic human cravings--security and significance--are satisfied when we get rooted in God's amazing promise to Abraham. We are secure because this is all God's idea, and we are significant because we have been given a good part to play in a plan driven by God's desire to bless the world.

  • Resemble Abraham like a descendant should. Children look like their parents. Members of a tribe should all be true to the character of the patriarch of the tribe. If we are rooted in Abraham, then we should trust God like Abraham did. When human analysis tells us that God's way cannot work in our particular situation, we still go with God's way and trust him to make it work out. 

  • Renounce all racism and all class arrogance. We have far more reason to do that than people who do not believe Abraham has any significance for today at all. The very first blessing we should deliver to "all families of the earth" (Genesis 12.3) is the blessing of respect. Even if our birth nation or tribe tells us we must hate another nation or tribe, we stick with our Abrahamic mission to bless and respect all tribes. Even if our social class tells us to look down on another class, we stick with our Abrahamic mission to bless and respect all families, including those poorer or richer than we are.

Moving with the Roots Rhythm - letting it move you; living it out

God of Abraham, we marvel at your strategy of creating one group on earth to heal, bless, and connect all the others. What a privilege to be included in that group, your campaign team! What a responsibility!
hank you so much for adopting us into that team through Jesus the Messiah. Thank you for blessing us with Abraham's DNA of trust, and thank you that we get to live for everyone's good and no one's harm. 
SYNC us with your campaign to bring a sense of community, security, and significance to all families, tribes, and nations.
Bless us so we can bless them all. 

Living as fruitful branches on the Abraham family tree


As we realize that God is leading a campaign to bless all human families through a campaign team that he created through Abraham and that we have been adopted into this team through Christ, we start seeing ourselves differently. We realize that we have been looking for security and significance in all the wrong places. There is no purpose greater than the purpose God gave to Abraham's descendants, and there is no group loyalty that deserves greater commitment. We reinforce it with prayers like this:











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Of course, God did not recruit us for his campaign team because we were any better than anyone else to start with or because we worked hard and earned this privilege somehow. We only got the privilege because we have said "Yes" to the most important descendant of Abraham who ever lived, the spearhead of God's campaign, Jesus the Messiah. He is the key person to making the whole Abraham Strategy work.

And this is the reason. Jesus was only a descendant of Abraham on his mother's side. His Father was God. Jesus was and is the impossible combination of the supernatural and the natural. It took such a one-of-a-kind being to show us pure, perfect trust in God and pure perfect commitment to God's campaign to bless the world at any price.


Abraham had his flaws. Jesus didn't. And Jesus, who lived about 1900 years after Abraham, said, "Before Abraham was, I AM" (John 8.58). In other words Jesus is not just the one showing us how to live in the security and significance that come when we trust God to keep his promise to Abraham. Jesus is the one who made the promise to Abraham in the first place! 

When we are rooted in God's promise to bless the world through the descendants of Abraham, we let it define our identity and give us our purpose in life. We see ourselves as part of God's campaign team. We call this "SYNCing" with Jesus and his strategy, seeing ourselves in Christ. If we are in Christ, the key descendant of Abraham, we also become descendants of Abraham with a share in Christ's mission to bless the world.