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SYNC training has two parts, one that applies to everyone and another that is personalized differently for each of us.

  • What general things does every team member need to know and respect about the campaign’s story, goals, and methods? We read the Bible bit by bit to find out. For a quick start on this, see the "Story of the World" tab, which takes you to two-minute overviews of the entire story of God's campaign as the Bible tells it.

  • What is my personal assignment right now in the campaign team? We stay alert for thoughts that Jesus puts into our minds through his Spirit, especially while we are reading or discussing the Bible. 

Two ways to develop the habit of learning the general things and finding your personal assignments (see under Activities):

  • On your own -- Use "Daily Bible readings" or the "Solo instructions" for finding your "Just-Do-It" assignments

  • In a group of 2-4 -- See group instructions for the "Just-Do-It" method

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