The SYNC prayer of Jesus

"SYNC us" (or "SYNC me") is simply a 21st century way of praying exactly what Jesus taught his followers to pray in the 1st century--"As in heaven, so on earth." (Mt. 6.10) Or, "SYNC earth with heaven."

The whole purpose of the SYNC site is to help people to pray that prayer authentically, welcome heaven to earth, and discover a new life in the process.

The Lord's Prayer

Matthew 6.9-13, paraphrase by Stan Nussbaum

Our Father in heaven,

Please take over and SYNC earth with heaven,

Where everyone totally respects you,

Experiences your liberating control,

And does what you want.


Please give us all enough to eat today,

And don't make us pay for wronging you

Like we don't make people pay for wronging us.

Don't put us into situations that will test our limits,

But set us free from evil inside and out.


Yes, come King Jesus!

You are the Messiah, the center of God's strategy 

to heal, bless, and connect the world.

You have the power. You get the glory now and forever.

Bring it on! 

Standard translations
of the Lord's Prayer

Matthew 6.9-13

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"As in heaven, so on earth"

Everything that is wrong with the world is wrong because it is out of SYNC with God. Jesus brings everything back into SYNC. That is what he teaches us to focus on and pray for--"As in heaven, so on earth."

Jesus' pattern prayer also shows us how simple this is. Earth would be perfectly re-SYNCed if only three things were true:

1. Everyone on earth respected God's name as much as everyone in heaven does

2. Everyone on earth experienced God's liberating control (or felt in their bones that they are citizens of his "kingdom,") as everyone in heaven feels it

3. Everyone on earth did what God wants, just as everyone in heaven does all the time

The rest of the prayer

The next paragraphs are analytical details. Skip if you wish.


The way the Prayer is usually prayed in English, "on earth as it is in heaven" seems to be a minor phrase about where God's will should be done. In Greek it is obvious that this is the center of the prayer, and it applies to all three of the requests that come before it--that God's name be honored, that his reign ("kingdom") would begin, and his will would be done.


The Prayer may be divided into three sections.

1. The "As in heaven, so on earth" part, or the "SYNC me" part.

2. Requests for three things we need because we are still living in a world out of SYNC--food, forgiveness, and protection.

3. A sort of conclusion or "P.S." ("Thine is the kingdom, etc.") This is commonly used when the Lord's Prayer is prayed. It was in the King James Version but is omitted from modern translations  because it was not in the earliest Greek manuscripts of the Gospel of Matthew (that is a long story).


My paraphrase takes more liberties with the third section than the first two. In those, though the "As in heaven" phrase is moved almost to the beginning, I am following the ideas of the Greek line by line.

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