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We are alive!
Tool kit for Life Season
January 1 - February 13, 2024

During Life Season we remember how good the world was in the beginning, how it went wrong, and how God is on a campaign to bring it back to flourishing life. 
God's campaign strategy is to put so much of his life, beauty, and joy into some humans that they overflow with life and bless everyone else. Some of those they bless join them, and the campaign rolls on--more blessers, more overflow.
Life Season climaxes in Carnival/Mardi Gras, which is on February 21st this year, but Life Season is not about the pretenses that go with masks, drinking, and holiday partying.

The SYNC icon for Life Season, not a Mardi Gras mask but flowing water and a green background, colors that remind us of the goodness of physical life. We are living on a fantastic planet in a fantastic universe, and that is what we celebrate every day--authentic, fulfilling life. 


Our assignment in God's campaign is to be life-bringers, to connect, heal, and bless people with life that is worth living, to see more people fulfilled and flourishing.

Check out the tool kit for useful tools as you carry out the life-bringing assignments God gives you as part of his team.
Life Tool Kit for a fulfilled overflowing life
Quick intro
Personal tools for an overflowing life--choose any or all

Discovering authentic life--basic tools
for all campaign team members 
One-time reads
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