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If we get the big idea of Life Season, it protects us
from the Big Lie:
Life is about self-fulfillment, personal achievement, self-indulgence, and/or acquisition."
This Big Lie has some truth to it. Life on earth is supposed to be good and joyful. We each should have some personal significance in the grand scheme of things, a destiny that is the full blossoming of all the gifts we were born with.

But the lie generates all kinds of internal conflicts and insecurities. It forces us to chase our dreams as hard as we can, and we discover that the chase is a lot harder than it sounds because some of our dreams conflict with others. We are out of sync with ourselves.  


If the universe is an unexplained mix of matter and energy bouncing around according to its nature, then we have to sort out our internal conflicting desires as best we can, and then negotiate with other people and groups to try to fulfill our desires.


In that view of life, there is nothing outside us that can unify life for us. Science is no help at all. It is a tool that can be used for a purpose but has no built-in purpose. We each have to choose our own purpose and then create our own significance by achievements with our purpose in mind.

In contrast, according to the big idea of Life Season, we do not have to carry that burden of choosing our purpose. Instead we get our purpose and significance handed to us as a gift! This is a created world, and we have been pre-wired to live a fulfilled life as we participate in the Creator's campaign to connect, heal, and bless it. 

To SYNC with Christ and his ancient, futuristic, love-filled, connect-heal-bless campaign is the greatest privilege of life. The person who understands that concept understands what authentic life is--life that is true to our created purpose, life that brings life to others, life that connects, heals, and blesses.

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