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The Campaign Goals

What is God's campaign aiming to achieve?

Saving the world from itself by connecting, healing, and blessing people

  • Connect = connect everyone into the story of the world the way God is writing it with Jesus at the center

  • Heal = fix everything that is wrong with the world and heal the damage people have suffered at all levels--personal, family, tribe, class, nation, planet

  • Bless = supply whatever is missing for authentic life, flourishing and fulfilled

Those three things would save the world if they happened, but they will not happen by themselves, and they are not happening very well through hundreds or thousands of separate campaigns for a better world. To get the world truly united, healed and blessed will take a super-campaign, a massive, brilliant, coordinated effort. That's God's campaign that Jesus is leading.

Does the campaign have religious goals?

This campaign is not a religious campaign in the ordinary sense of the word. It is not focused on telling people to be more religious and to think more about where they will go when they die. For Jesus those things were side issues.


The main point he hammered all the time was the proclamation that heaven's power was arriving on earth. A new era was dawning. God was taking his ancient Abraham-based campaign to a new level by sending the Messiah (his appointed director for the campaign) to earth in person. 

Almost everything Jesus did while on earth was done with and for the campaign team. He led it to a new identity, a new level of understanding its special assignment, and a new power to carry out the connect-heal-bless campaign.

What strategy does the campaign use to achieve its goals?

The Jesus campaign is not a political, military, or advertising campaign. It is a public awareness campaign. That is how Jesus approached it and that's what he keeps directing us to do in his name--spread some news of events that changed the direction of the story of the world.


We hope and pray that people who hear the news of these milestones in God's campaign will welcome it. Then they will quit doing things that divide, injure, or impoverish people. Instead they will join the campaign to repair damage already done. That is how the campaign rolls on and grows.

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