Questions for weekly discussion

Anybody can lead a Just Do It group with the discussion guide below. It's important to reinforce that by taking turns as the discussion leader. My 10-year-old granddaughter did fine when it was her turn. So can you.

Discussion Guide for Our Just-Do-It Group


Leader reads the black print to the group. Notes for the leader are in red.


Intro (use in the first week and again later if/when desired)


1.     Nobody is teaching anything or preparing anything for this group. We use the questions below and take turns being the discussion leader. Our goal is to listen for a “Just Do It” thing God puts into our heads each week, something that fits with his campaign to heal, bless, and connect the world. After 3 or 4 weeks, we decide if this process is working for us and what to do next. See options at  



2.     (Skip this question the first week.) How did it go with your “Just Do It” from last week, and did anybody comment about it?

3.     What is one thing you are thankful for this week?

4.     What is one challenge you are facing?

5.     Do we have any friends who could use some help from our group this week? 



6.    This week’s reading is _____________. Choose from this list:

Week 1: Genesis 12.1-8  Abraham

Week 2: Acts 2.1-8  Pentecost

Week 3: Romans 11.16-24  Grafted branches

Week 4 (optional): Revelation 7.9-17  Many nations

Note: These stories are about God’s intentions for different races, since lots of people are talking about that right now.

Let’s tell God we are listening now and ask him to put a “Just Do It” idea into our heads. Pray that or have someone pray it. This is what the reading says. Read it to the group. Use your own Bible or free online Bibles at No sign-up required. For easiest reading and discussion, choose either “The Message” or the “Good News Translation” from the pick list.

7.     What stands out to you in what we just read? It could be a main point or just something that jumped out at you.

8.     Have someone reread the same verses. Use a different translation if you have one.

9.     Now let’s pretend we are retelling this to a friend. One of us tell it and the others fill in as needed, without looking at the verses again.

10.  What are these verses telling us about God's campaign to heal, bless, and connect the world?


Just Do It

11.   What is your “Just Do It”? What specific assignment is the Spirit of Jesus putting into your mind as something to do in the next day or two that would fit with what we have been talking about? A “Just Do It” is not, “Be more kind.” It’s a specific thing you feel that God wants you to do, like, “I will do this thing with this person.” It should heal, bless, or connect some person or group.

12.   Get the Just Do Its all written down so you can all remember all of them and discuss them next week.

13.   Have someone ask God to help us all do our “Just-Do-It,” even if it’s hard, and also ask that it will get noticed in a good way so we can explain what a Just Do It group is—a small contribution to a better world from people who are listening to God together.