Questions for weekly discussion

Anybody can lead a Just Do It group with the discussion guide below. It's important to reinforce that by taking turns as the discussion leader. My 10-year-old granddaughter did fine when it was her turn. So can you.

Discussion Guide for Our Just-Do-It Group


NOTE TO LEADER: Read the black print to the group. The red print is instructions for you only. 


Before the meeting

  1. Choose the next Bible reading from whichever set of readings you are using. Don’t read them ahead of time because nobody else will, and you don’t want to seem like a teacher.

  2. Find the list of “Just Do Its” that your group made last week so you can remind anyone who forgot theirs. Cheer people on even if they forgot.

  3. You will lead three prayers during the meeting. Decide whether you will pray in your own words or the optional wording for the prayers in the instructions below.

  4. You will decide which people do which things like read the Bible verses. You can decide that as you go or ahead of time, whichever you prefer.

Prayer to begin

Let's pray to get started. Optional wording (or use your own) -- Thank you God that we can get together today. Thank you that you are including us in your campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world. Help us listen well for our next assignments, and help us cheer each other on every week. In the name of Jesus and for the sake of his campaign we ask these things, Amen.

Let's remember the group rules (use in the first week and again later as needed)

  • We want a better world, and it will get better if more people listen to God together and cheer each other on.

  • Nobody is teaching anything or preparing anything for this group. We take turns leading the group by using the questions below.

  • We stick to the Bible verses we read; we don’t bring in other verses.

  • Our goal is to hear what God wants us to do this week, not to satisfy idle curiosity or to push our own opinion.


Catch up with each other and cheer each other on (10-15 minutes)

1. How did it go with your “Just Do It” from last week? (You have to skip this the first week, of course.)

2. What is one thing you are thankful for this week? (Gently interrupt anyone who gets long-winded.)

3. What is one challenge you are facing?

Listen to the Bible and to God (20-30 minutes)


4. "Just Do It" groups are about listening to God, expecting him to give us his idea about what we should "just do" today or this week. Let’s invite God to plant his ideas in us now. (Use your own words or something like this) -- Lord, we want to be good members of your campaign team, and right now that means we want to be good listeners. We want to hear your next assignments for us. Please speak to us in ways we can understand. Make your thoughts our thoughts. Amen. 

5. This week’s reading is _____________. (the next reading in whichever set of readings you are using)  This is what it says. (Read it to the group. Use your own Bible or the free site,

6. What stands out to you in what we just read? It could be a main point or just something that jumped out at you.

7. Now I’ll ask _________ to read the same verses in a different translation than I read. (If you need another translation, go to and use the pick list. The two easiest translations are “The Message” or the “Good News Translation”.) After we read this time, we will see how well we can summarize it together without looking back at it. OK, go ahead and read it please.

8. OK, I’ll ask ___________ to start us out with a basic summary, like you were helping someone who just came in now. Then the rest of us will add any other bits we remember. No peeking!

9. What are these verses telling us about God's campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world? (You can look back at them now.) 


Just Do It (10-15 minutes)

10. What do you feel the Spirit of Jesus is suggesting you do this week to go along with this Scripture? Consider this your assignment in God’s campaign this week. It should connect, heal, or bless some person or group, since that's what God's campaign is about. If it is huge and general like, “Be more kind,” listen for God to give you an idea about a specific action to start with this week.

11. How can we remember to pray for each other and maybe cheer each other on as we each do our Just Do It this week? How do you remind yourself of things?

12. Let’s pray now about doing our “Just-Do-Its”. (Use your own words or something like this) -- Thank you, Lord, for giving us our assignments in your campaign. Please give us whatever courage, skill, and spiritual power it will take to get them done. Please prepare things so that people get connected, healed, or blessed as we do them. Let these Just Do Its be our small contributions to a better world because we listened to you together in this group. In the name of Jesus, the Campaign Director, we ask these things. Please let them happen.

13. I am asking ___________ to lead next week. Is that OK? Do you know what all our Just Do Its are so we can discuss them to start next week?

14. Does anybody know they have to miss next week? If you miss, you can do the Bible reading on your own and ask God for your Just Do It, but come back the following week whether you get that done or not. We want to cheer for you. Rescheduling gets really complicated and is not recommended.