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If we get the big idea of Roots Season, it protects us from the Big Lie:
Security and significance come through the things I personally achieve or own, the group(s) I belong to by birth or by choice, and/or the cause I identify with.
This lie has some truth to it. These things do help us feel like we have some value. But in real life this fine-sounding lie keeps generating all kinds of conflicts and insecurities instead of taking them away. 
  • It feeds anxiety when we fall short of our goals or when we try to protect our successes.

  • It feeds despair when we achieve a goal and discover that we still feel empty in spite of the success.

  • It feeds racism, which is a quest for security and power by giving one race the right to look down on others. 

  • It makes us feel justified to harshly judge and criticize anyone who does not support our cause as vigorously as we think all good people should.


We are all designed to want security and significance, and we suffer psychological damage when we don't have them. Life gets miserable when we do not belong. So we look for security and significance in a thousand ways and places, never guessing that God already has something going and it is right under our noses. He is running a 4000-year-old campaign to bless the world, and, we can join his campaign team by becoming spiritual descendants of Abraham.

The big idea of Roots Season is some of the best news ever. We don't have to come up with the best plan we can to build and protect our own security and significance. All we have to do is put our spiritual roots down into the plan that God has already put in place for us.


We join the "demo and delivery team" for his campaign. We live under the direction of Jesus Christ, the organizer and mobilizer of the campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world.

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