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Bible use during Roots Season

Three options for hearing God's voice through the Bible


No matter which option(s) you try out, remember that your goal is not to pass a test on the Bible or to sort everything out in your head. Your goal is to hear from God about what he wants you to do next and how he wants you to do it. That's what you SYNC with.

As you read the Bible, keep thinking: 

1. What guidance is there in this passage that applies to all members of God's connect-heal-bless campaign team all the time?

2. What exactly is the Spirit prompting me to do this week as a campaign team member in my particular situation?

As you answer those questions, you will discover the "Roots Rhythm" of the Bible, and you will let it move you in some really good ways. You will discover what it means to be a member of God's campaign team, a fruitful branch on the Abraham family tree.

Weekly - 45-60 minute Just Do It Group

Roots Season:  Mar. 2 - April 9, 2022

See Yourself iN Christ as a fruitful branch on the Abraham family tree


Bible texts for Just Do It groups:


Mar. 2-8. Genesis 12.1-8. Abraham, the root of the whole family tree

Mar. 9-15. Exodus 6.1-12. Why Abraham's descendants owed God their loyalty

Mar. 16-22. Ephesians 2.11-22. How Jesus enlarged the family tree

Mar. 23-29. Galatians 5.16-26. The fruit growing on the family tree  

Mar 30-Apr. 2 (only for Wed-Sat groups). John 15.1-8. The power to bear fruit as a person attached to the Messiah

Apr. 3-9. Viral week


Additional Bible passages on this theme

Romans 11.17-24  Being grafted into the tree (adopted into the family)

Colossians 3.11-17. The DNA of the new family of the Messiah

Daily 10-20 min
Daily - one-minute combo of a "Jubilee" verse, a declaration and a prayer
Daily 1-min
Daily - 10-20 min read; goes through the Bible in a year

Note: One passage each week is highlighted in yellow to mark it as a "Don't miss" chapter. 

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