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Strategic game-changing events  define SYNC seasons

SYNC seasons

  1. Life 


  2. Roots


  3. Freedom


  4. Power


  5. Mercy


  6. Worth


  7. Vision

Game-changing event the rhythm celebrates


  1. God created the universe

  2. God created his own nation/people

  3. Jesus launched the
    freedom era


  4. The Holy Spirit was
    poured out


  5. Jesus presented the final sacrifice

  6. Jesus predicted persecution of his followers

  7. Jesus will return to make the world perfect

Before that event    



  1. There was nothing


  2. God dealt with all peoples 
    on the same basis


  3. Control was oppressive
    (unless I/we had it)


  4. We tried to be good


  5. We focused on justice for ourselves

  6. We thought honor and shame were always earned

  7. We couldn't see God or his perfect "world"

    After that event


  1. We live in an amazing world


  2. God has a special assignment for one particular people/group

  3. Control is liberating (and I/we don't need to have it)

  4. We open up to God's influence


  5. We overflow with mercy for others

  6. Undeserved shame is part of our assignment or mission


  7. We partly see the perfect world arriving in us, and we will see it totally

Taking game-changers personally

To SYNC with the game-changing events means that you take them seriously and personally. As you do, you begin to see how they change the way you have been answering many other basic questions about life: 

1. Where did everything we see come from? 

2. What do we belong to that is bigger than we are? How did we get in?

3. What guarantees that we can live our lives as free people?

4. How do we find the strength to make a difference in the world?

5. What kind of terms are we on with God, and how did that happen?

6. How do we know what we are worth? Whose opinion counts?

7. What is our destiny? How do we know we will reach it?

As you discover new answers to these questions, you also discover you are becoming a new person. The new you realizes that life is a story and we are part of that story.


Jesus Christ is the center of the story, holding it all together, making it work. Under his direction we participate in it, trusting him to bring it to the grand conclusion he has planned. Meanwhile we enjoy the benefits of being in SYNC with Christ--security, significance, goodness, self-respect, and much more.

The seven-bubble summary (logo)

The SYNC logo outlines the story of the world in just seven bubbles, each representing one of the seven game-changing events in the chart above.

SYNC Logo Revised 4.jpg

The bubbles and colors are festive because so much of SYNC is about celebrating. We are bubbling over with joy as we realize just how good the story of the world is and how we can have a share in making it better.


Humans were designed to feel the pleasure of moving with the rhythm of this story. Learning the SYNC rhythms feels like coming home.

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