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SYNCing as opening up 


SYNCing happens when one device opens up to the influence of another. In a similar way, we open ourselves up to the influence of God through SYNC activities. 

"Open up" vs. "Download"

SYNCing a device is much riskier than downloading because SYNCing switches off all the protections. Our device is at the mercy of whatever we SYNC it with. Data and settings that we have worked hard to acquire and organize can be wiped out in a flash if we open up our device to SYNC with the wrong info source.

As you consider the teachings of Jesus, do you see them as a set of resources from which people may download as they wish, depending how religious or how Christian they want to try to be? Lots of people look at his teachings that way.

Lots of people in Jesus's day did too. They wanted to go halfway with him, accepting as much of his teaching as fit with their default approach to life. He shut them all out. He demanded all or nothing, and he still does.


He tells us to trust him enough to open ourselves to SYNC with him and his campaign. Switch our protections off. Let him overwrite any of our default settings or any of our lives as we have arranged them.


That is what "Open up to Jesus" means. The rest of the SYNC site will help you discover what your life looks like when you do that. It will look a little different for each of us, so don't expect us to tell you exactly how it will look in your case. 

"Open up" vs. "Be good"

Jesus's main teaching was about opening up to God's restoring "influence." His message was not what many people think, "Be loving. Be good. Be kind. Etc." His actual message was, "God is taking over now, bringing his influence to earth in a new way. Open up to that! Forget whatever else you were doing and align yourself with the campaign plan that God is unfolding." 

Of course, if you do open up to that influence, you do end up being more loving, good, and kind, but you realize that you got there because you opened up, not because you tried harder. His Spirit and his influence do what we can't do no matter how hard we try.


So the whole point of life is to align or SYNC with his influence and to thank him for the results. Since his plan and intentions are so good, why would we not want to throw ourselves totally open to his Spirit and participate in the restoration he is carrying out?

"Open up" vs. "Submit because I say so"

We are not forced to open up. God has set his goal as winning our hearts like a young man wins the heart of his bride, not forcing us to submit the way a rapist forces his victim. God wants our love not merely our acquiescence. His aim is to fulfill us not to use us.

As we open up freely to him and let the Spirit of Jesus do a friendly takeover of our lives, we get swept up into a new kind of living. God SYNCs us with his grand plan to restore the world to what it was meant to be and can be. He restores us and draws us into his restoration of the world. 

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