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The secret to campaign success

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The campaign succeeds because it does not depend on human will power, organization, or technology. It depends on seven game-changing acts of God.


Each game-changer starts a cascade that goes down five levels until at the end we are authentic people, genuine products of the flow of the grace of God. We are authentically connected to God and each other, authentically healed, and authentically blessed.


In this five-level process we are not trying to work our way up a mountain of God's commands. We are discovering how exhilarating it feels to "shoot the rapids" of the cascade of God's grace.


We discover how God's game-changing events affected the story of the world and what opportunities are open to us now because those events happened as they did. Let's look at the first game-changer, the creation of the world, as a sample.


Top level of the diagram:  

The first game-changer is the start of the story--the creation of the world. That makes life available to us as human beings. 

Second level:

The ancient game-changer comes down to us today as a gift -- the blessing of life itself. We wouldn't be here now if creation hadn't happened way back then.

Third level:

When we get that idea, that life is a gift from a personal God and not just a chance happening through the laws of physics and chemistry, we become grateful. It's a natural response to a fantastic gift. 

Fourth level:

Our gratitude motivates us to "go with it," that is, to SYNC our lives with God's intentions when he created the life we enjoy. We start seeing ourselves as life-bringers for the good of everybody. We promote life, we liven things up, we live life that is real life, and we bring life to those in our world.

Bottom level:

We are authentic people. We are not promoting life and being life-givers in order to score points with God or to impress anyone. We are not pretending or bragging.

We are not taking any credit for our goodness because we know it didn't come from us. It came from the flow of the grace of God, just the way he intended when he did the game-changer in the first place. 


In other words, his campaign strategy is working. His intentions are coming true, as surely as water flows downhill. And we get to be in on the fulfillment of his intentions! We get to arrive in the beautiful pool below the cascade, the pool of genuine humanity and genuine goodness, by the grace of God.


There are many aspects to God's grace, like many channels in a wide cascade all coming together at the bottom. SYNC has seven of them, each giving a different perspective on the flow of grace but all flowing down through the same five levels.

  • Each game-changing event (first level)

  • brings a different gift (second level)

  • that changes our outlook (third level)

  • and our view of ourselves in God's grace process (fourth level).

  • We are becoming authentic people (fifth level), not perfect yet, but visibly on the way, carried along by the strong current of God's grace.  

A 5G description is included in the tool kit for each SYNC season (see under the "Resources" tab). Within the tool kit for each SYNC season, the link to the corresponding 5G description page is listed as "The game-changer that [does the seasonal activity], and how it works."


All those "game-changer" pages (or "5G" pages) follow the five-level pattern explained above, but they go into much more depth that the example above about Life Season. 

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